Fiction: Little Lizard

October 08, 2010
Deepti Lamba

She pushed down the insect repellent knob and poison showered on the gecko. The reptile scuttled across the floor and she stalked the creature with the 'kill them good' tin can. The lizard tried to climb the wall but the cruel female wasn't yet done with her victim. She was on wanton Rambo roll till the little gecko flipped over on its thin umber belly and died. lizard.jpeg

"Score!" she shouted and did a little tribal dance near the carcass. The lizard's paw flickered and she pressed the killer mechanism once more till it fizzled out of juice. "That should do it."

She bent down and stared at the dead reptile. It looked vulnerable with its mouth gaping and its four limbs tossed upwards in surrender. Her heart felt a little spasm. She cocked her head and wondered whether it was regret but then decided it was just gas.

"No more midnight chuk..chuking in my room." she told the dead lizard. "Trespassers aren't allowed." The lizard didn't protest.

She fetched a day old newspaper, wrapped the lizard in it and threw it over the window into the garden. She promised herself that come morning she would throw it in the trash can before the truck came.

Night fell and she lay down in her bed. The empty insect repellent lay in the dust bin. Her eyes flickered close and her unconscious mind began to churn out dreams.

The gecko flipped back on its nimble feet. The poison drugged the gecko and gave it Technicolor dreams. It dreamed of Buddha, the Hindu Trinity and even Jesus who gently asked it to rise from its temporary paper grave.

Still woozy from the noxious fumes it climbed the outer wall of her bedroom. Through the open window it clambered back in. Its long tongue hung on the side of its pointy mouth.

"Chuk!" it said but Moses shushed him

"No!" he whispered to the little creature "Don't wake that Nazi bitch!"

"She'll gas your ass!" said Hell Boy.

The lizard shook its head as if agreement. Moses and Hell Boy nodded back sagely and disappeared.

Ganesha's mushka guided the lizard up the wall. Up it went , all the way to the ceiling and through its devil black eyes it looked down at the sleeping human.

"Dive!" commanded the dead Kamikaze pilot. The lizard swooned with nirvana and let go.

Down it fell. All the way till it landed deftly on the face of Sleeping Beauty. It's webbed feet dug deep in a long crescent mark from her forehead to her chin.

She woke up screaming, touched the hurting skin and ran to the check her face in the bathroom mirror. In the glare of the orange light she saw the ballooning mark. She howled and rushed back to her room.

"I killed you!" she bellowed. But there was no sign of the lizard. She searched under the covers, under the bed, under her dressing table. She stared at the four walls of her room and screamed some more.

She ran out of her house barefoot, towards the backyard where the newspaper lay. She shrugged it open and on the moist green grass fell the dead body of the little lizard.

dee.jpgDeepti Lamba is an author, besides editing at Desicritics
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