Alternative Solutions to the Babri Masjid Dispute

October 01, 2010
Priyank Chandra

The Ayodhya verdict was announced sans fireworks. The streets were peaceful and the schools were closed. But there was something missing at the end of it all. A sense of emptiness that I cannot quite put my finger on. No, it wasn't the eerie empty roads that I drove through.

Maybe all the hype of 18 years just did not have a sufficiently large climax. The crescendo built up, but it never did reach the heights that it deserved to. It all felt so worthless. For all the politics and intrigue that has surrounded this case for so many years, I expected so much more.

I was disappointed. Don't get me wrong. I did not want violence. No way. I love peace and unity. But I expected a solution that was so brilliant that it would blow my mind away. This was the time for judges to completely astonish us with their intellect and creativity, and they failed me. The media promised me so much and there seemed to be so much passion in the air. But what use is all that passion if it all went unrequited. I pity the media houses.

Yes. I did brainstorm on other possible solutions. You might ask, "Why?" I would retort, "Why not?"

(Disclaimer : Not all the solutions are from my own mind. Some are a result of brainstorming with other minds.)

Solution 1 : Find a third party.

The land should have been given to a party that had nothing to do with this land. Like some other religion or some crazy sect with a lot of devoted followers. This would have united the Hindus and Muslims against a common enemy and might have played a significant role in decreasing communal tensions. Almost like the fight for independence.
Almost, I said.

Solution 2 : Cricket stadium

For a lot of IPL matches. Let the gods of cricket reign over the people for a little while. Cricket does unite this country.

All we need to do is to make sure, through the use of a lot of subtle fixing methods that the Indian team wins every match they play, and keeps the public anger-free.

Solution 3 : Build a shopping mall.

An innovative solution. Let consumerism unite the country. A place where both Hindus, Muslims and others can shop together in solidarity to the great brands of marketplace.

I realize that this might be a sensitive issue, considering the incredibly great importance that the birthplace of Rama has in our everyday lives.
But I also understand and see the trail of violence that it has left behind.

This is why I wish for a simple non-violent solution. One that doesn't divide but unites. Both the land itself and the people.

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Alternative Solutions to the Babri Masjid Dispute


Author: Priyank Chandra


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