Allahabad High Court Delivers Split Verdict on Ayodhya

September 30, 2010
Aaman Lamba

The Allahabad High Court today reached its verdict on the long pending cases relating to the disputed land at Ayodhya. The trifurcation suggested for the land seems an adept means of resolving the issues at hand, even if the parties will not take what's been offered and go for the gold, as it were.

Public reaction seemed mostly disinterested, despite the ardent efforts of the media to play up the event as if it were the second Partition, and they were all that stood between the angry hordes and Gandhi's dream, never mind the fact that we've long since lost claim to his inheritance. As soon as the verdict was announced, all interested parties immediately began to spin matters in their favour. They were helped by the ambiguous rulings, which among other points, appeared to confirm the location was the birthplace of the legendary Rama. It was not clear how they arrived at this miraculous insight.

Given that the judgement runs into thousands of pages, and ruled on five suits with a welter of claims, it will be some time before the terms are parsed, and much longer yet before this matter laid to rest, if it ever is. The status quo has been ordered to be maintained at the site for another three months while the terms of division of the land between the Nirmohi Akhara sect and the ambiquous entities of the 'Hindus' and the 'Muslims' are worked out.

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Allahabad High Court Delivers Split Verdict on Ayodhya


Author: Aaman Lamba


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