Liberal Indians, Stand Up

September 22, 2010
Indian Liberals

We are an ordinary bunch of people. We believe in tolerance, non-violence, fairness, equality and individual dignity. We don't understand religions, castes, creeds, races, skin colors or nationalities. We care for our environment and the millions of species that live on this planet.

We are liberals and we are angry. Angry because we are helpless. We watched in exasperation when the mosque at Ayodhya was brought down. We recoiled in horror when our country was routinely bombed at will. We felt disgusted when vulnerable migrants were mercilessly beaten up in Mumbai. We hung our heads in shame when the likes of Taslima Nasreen, Salman Rushdie and M. F. Hussain were chased out of our country.

We noted with horror the events of 9/11, the cruel floggings of powerless women, the inhumane treatment of the people of Gaza, and the systematic killing of our planet.

We are angry but we have always maintained our restraint. We never show intolerance towards the intolerant. We never raise our voice to suppress their bawls. We never take up arms to contain their violence. Yes we do protest now and then with candles in our hands and messages on our placards but that's about as far as we go.

But it's not nearly enough. It's not enough to just stand by and leave our beloved country hostage to intolerance and extremism. It's not enough to congratulate each other on our restraint whilst they run riot all over the country. It's not enough to simply register a vote every five years to elect the same stooges over and over again.

It's time to stand up for our convictions, for our liberal values. It's time to make ourselves heard. It's time to let them know that they can't run unchecked. It's time to tell them that they can't divide us in the name of religions, castes, creeds, races, regions, and languages.

Don't remain silent. That's not a solution anymore!

IndianLiberals is a group for all liberals of India to unite in favour of freedom, liberty, equality, human rights, tolerance and non-violence. This place is a platform to discuss, develop and promote liberal values in India and organize a resistance movement against all communal, socialist and communist forces in our country.
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