Where Are The Feel Good Female Magazines?

September 20, 2010
Deepti Lamba

A couple of days ago I flipped through the recent issue of Femina and found myself at sea. There was too much information about too many things. Too much of what makes a complete woman.

There was the usual article on makeup, stuff about fat women (oops, I mean us curvy babes), scrawny models, women who've become sarpanches, women who have overcome maladies of life, like broken hearts, depression, suicide. You name it and the magazine had it all packed in with a torrent of information that overloaded the senses.

I should have been glad they didn't talk about the five best tips of bedding a man or how not to puke on your date's BMW's leather seats or how to break the news to your mom that your best friend is your butch partner.

But that's exactly what Indian women are all about. We are still spreading our wings both in terms of understanding our sexuality, our need to exorcise ghosts of the past and more so our perpetual need to act as rebels without a cause. We crave freedom in magazines.

We want to read about some hot clubbing spots along with information about good au pair services for mommies who crave nightlife and more. We crave good political commentary or maybe we just want to see Rahul Gandhi or Omar Abdullah centerfolds wearing nothing more than their legendary pouts.

Most of us don't need a magazine telling us about what we are achieving in our daily hum drum living. We know it because we live it but we need something light, funky, happening and ageless, a feel good kind of a magazine that is all about female empowerment. (Yes, kudos to the lady sarpanch and she is a hottie to look at on that stallion)

It's also about achieving that extra zing in our lives that we daydream about. For some it could be a female trek through the rain forest, for another, awesome pani puri at the local chaat shop or just how to achieve nirvana through the 24th Tantric position.

I haven't come across such a feel-good female hedonistic magazine.

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