Ayodhya Verdict: Will Hindus Get Justice On September 24th?

September 20, 2010
Being Cynical

I was thinking about writing on this topic for some time, but somehow refrained for a couple of reasons. Firstly Even though the topic may look mouth-watering for anyone to pen a line or two, it still a sensitive issue, even after 18 years. In the process of your literary work you might end up hurting one sentiment or the other. Secondly, being a hard-core RSS guy, rich with VHP School of thoughts, I was unsure if I could be unbiased in bringing both sides into perspective. But honestly, now I don’t want to be unbiased one bit. Thanks to our Sarkar’s anxiety on the upcoming verdict, I was relieved of both of my concerns. When full page public notices started coming in almost all popular newspapers and city police sending text messages to all, requesting to refrain from violence post September 24th, I thought I shouldn’t be too sceptical. The funny part in all this is the full page public request of our Sarkar. A democratically elected government can’t and shouldn’t be on its knees and request its citizens to maintain harmony post a court verdict. This display of helplessness is uncalled for.

To begin with – most of us are mistaken. The issue is not from 1992. A civil suit was first filed as early as 1948 between two parties (Not Hindu vs. Muslim). So whatever verdict that will be delivered this 24th is not after 18 years but after 62 years. I still feel the fight is not between two communities, but between Mythology and History. And no one better than we Indians know, how pathetically incorrect we are when it comes to either of these two.

I had the privilege of visiting the disputed site once, thanks to my RSS team. The way lord Ram is kept there is far from being acceptable to any self-respecting Hindu. A makeshift tent with  a blue (don’t know what would be the color now) tarpaulin all over gave a look more like our neighbourhood chai tapri than a temple. I don’t know how many, but must be in thousands, automatic gun wielding police personnel guarding our lord. We were promptly stopped at the makeshift gate (at the back side of the site) and asked if we are from the city of Ayodhya? When we replied in the negative we were told (very rudely) to go to the collector’s office (few blocks away from the site) and get ourselves a visiting pass. Still mustering my courage I asked – What do the people of Ayodhya do? Do they get some type of monthly pass or something? The security guard gave a cold stare at me and asked me to cut short my nonsense. I am told for the last three years no one is allowed to visit the place anymore (barring odd days), except the lone Pandit. Nobody can or should stop us from visiting our holy places and certainly we don't need to have a pass to visit our lord Ram.

Passes were made after a truck load of our details and photo copies of our identity proofs were submitted. We were strictly instructed to spend only 10 minutes at the maximum at the site. Lord Ram was visited with one visibly pale looking Pandit doing the honours. While returning back, one thing that kept hurting me was – Can’t our authorities build a permanent shelter (size doesn’t matter) for lord Ram? Where are the Advanis, the Kalyan Sings and the Uma Bhartis? Who took no time in demolishing the mosque, but forgot where lord Ram would be placed. Temple or no temple, Mosque or no mosque, the blue tarpaulin is disturbing and disgusting for sure. This very image of that blue tarpaulin makes me believe - a temple should be built there and that too in a hurry.

The city also provided strong indications as to why I should believe it is the birth place of lord Ram. The police station is promptly named as – “Ram Janma Bhuni Thana”. The road leading to the disputed site is known as “Ram Darshan road” and interestingly the very site where the mosque was is called “Ram Stupa”. I am sure these naming conventions are much before 1992 or for that matter much before 1947 even. So what is the dispute I fail to understand? Historically it belonged to lord Ram and should duly be handed over to the Ram Janma Bhumi Uthhan Samiti and RSS. The place was made a disputed place for individual political gain. During the 80s if you had told me – this place is going to be a political hot potato for the next 20 years, I wouldn’t have even laughed at you. I would have termed you as insane. But unfortunately it turned out to be exactly that. Government after government tried to play with the sentiments of Hindus for their gain and didn’t do anything for the temple as promised. Only one effort that I can remember was initiated by a true statesman called Atal Bihari Vajpayee. During 2004 he reportedly invited all legendry religious figures to solve this dispute amicably. From Puri Shankaracharya to his holiness the Dalai Lama was invited to suggest their options. Some insider indicated that even Pope John Paul II was also on video conference all through the meeting.

After this effort all was farce of highest degree. As hypocritical as Congress can be, they put the issue into a slow cooker like our judiciary and turned into ostriches at once. Now when the verdict came knocking at our doors, all starting from Shastri Bhawan to 7-Race course, began to wet their pants, dhotis and sarees. Looking at the jingoisms of our Sarkar and all Sarkari machinery (publishing public notices & texting individuals), I do have a feeling we Hindus would again be disappointed by our honourable courts, intentionally. Mr.Prime Minister – secularism is not minority appeasement and if you fail to understand this small thing then get hold of a good dictionary at once and start flipping through the pages. If unfortunately, the verdict is against Hindus then let me assure you – your little piece of scepticism on newspapers can’t prevent things going from bad to worse. As it is when a big tree falls the earth bound to shake – if you were to believe your easterly great leader Rajiv Gandhi.

Fun is the next essential ingredient after Oxygen for this author. This chap is writing humor for quite some time without realizing that no one is reading. An IT coolie by profession he took to writing as he found Mayawati is not doing enough to balance out the daily dose of Humor needed by the human race. He could be found in all suspicious looking cyber spaces - From Orkut to Facebook, From Linkedin to Desibaba. The author can be reached via his Email which he invariably checks every 5 minutes (as he has nothing better to do). So if you are deprived of a big useless mail for sometime then just drop a test mail to this chap. You won't be disappointed. If you want a reply in double quick time then don't forget to add 'HOT PARTY GIRLS' or something like that somewhere in the subject line. Though he titled his blog as 'Being Cynical', regular readers feel, it should have been 'Occasionally Cynical, Mostly Mental'. P.S :- Befriending this human being is at the sole responsibility of the individual. It could bring unimaginable mental agony.
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Ayodhya Verdict: Will Hindus Get Justice On September 24th?


Author: Being Cynical


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