Coming Soon - A Cure For Myopia

September 14, 2010

This is one happy day for me!! I finally hear this news that the rogue gene which is responsible for myopia has been found and the cure is possible, that too hopefully in the next ten years. I am truly happy to know this.

If you don't wear spectacles, then you probably cannot understand what am I saying. Let me say this - myopia, i.e., shortsightedness is the most common eye disorder in the world. It was always believed to be caused by watching too much TV, reading in dim light or too much reading or even deficiency of Vitamin-A. However, the possibility of it being genetic was not ruled out, but in the absense of any scientific discovery, it was not confirmed. Now, finally, UK scientists have found the responsible gene, RASGRF1, which is a big research outcome.

Myopia has affected a large proportion of people all over the world, with literally, no fault of the person, as it is acquired through genes. Sometimes, the defect in not visible in the parent but does get passed on to the child. My family is one such example where the gene runs through generations.

Personally speaking, it was very difficult for me to grow up with spectacles, the more so, because my mother was worried about my future! Not to forget those funny names I got called in school because of my specs. She always believed, I should have more of carrots, spinach juice, half boiled eggs, milk, almonds, not to mention the desi nuskhe, the tona and totka! But nothing worked on me. Finally, marrying a non-specy guy was the only safe option, but that did not work in my case! When I came to know my little son would have to wear specs all his life, just like me, when he was just 2-3 yrs old, I was in tears. I never wanted my kids to go through this. I was so helpless, but hopeful about the advancement of technology in this field.

Finally this day has come and there is hope. Although, contact lenses and laser surgery are available but there is nothing like correction of the gene itself.

I am sure, as is being claimed too, eye drops of medicines will be made in the next 10 years for those who wear glasses, and some genetic engineering would be available for the prospective parents also to avoid passing on of this gene to the next generation.

Let's hope spectacles become a thing of history! What do you say?

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