Eat, Pray And Shit The Indian Way

August 12, 2010
Deepti Lamba

We live in times of quiet desperation and yet find reasons to laugh. That's what India is all about. I don't care any more that some man hides behind my Bougainvillea-hung wall and pees or a little kid gets ready to take a dump at the front of my somewhat never ending boundary wall. That
s the way they think, a little poop on the side, no biggie. And they aren't peeing and shitting in front of my gate so who am I to complain.

Yeah, I've decided to take it with humor. Of course, there are the gutter vegetables, the tape worm vegetables, the open man holes, the poop fests I witness on every empty plot I happen to cross by, the bony strays yelping away. The humor is still there. It has to be there or else I could just as well blow my brains out trying to love the whole Eat, Pray and Love India experience.

The turd, the food, the man digging his nose next to you, the man re-using that oil again and again for deep frying, the traffic jams, the noise, the pollution, all is GOD with the tusk, the tail and the three heads.

There are stories behind all these tales of wretched living. Take that hot turd drying outside my house being bailed out by a little orifice due to lack of facilities, no wait, the facility is there - the landlord built loos outside the rooms. Thing is, the shit holes are too shitty to sit on. The roads are way cleaner- they are paved smooth like a baby's bottom and the little guys can poop under the glare of the street lights that are on most of the night.

Well, they are on when we are not having power cuts that last for over five to six hours daily. In another part of the world, they are turning off street lights because they can't afford them. We, on the other hand, have no power to be able to make the choice.

This is where humor comes in. Candles, conversations and for many Bangaloreans - making babies. Yeah, we probably adding to the problem by filling up the dark time with some hot moments. Is that a silver lining?

India is rising and yet we remain the same. Money doesn't change who we are. It can't swing its magic wand on us since there are too many of us wishing for overnight miracles. Change will happen bit by bit, giving in to some situations and raising our voices against others but with politeness since we are all in it together. And dollops of humor do help.

dee.jpgDeepti Lamba is an author, besides editing at Desicritics
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