The Floating Generation - Picking Pieces of our Scattered Life

July 22, 2010
Vinod Narayan

Though we all long for our home once we are away from it, we all have our own small and private ways to feel home when we are away.

I know of friends who make it a point to visit their country every year at least once. Many make it a point to call and talk to their dear ones every week. Some make sure they remain close to the community so that kids grow up knowing the culture and speaking the language. Some bring pieces of memory and artifacts back from their native place and adorn their walls so they could have a better feel of home.

Whatever you do your longing for home lingers on and you are stuck between the want to go back and the need to stay away. Many have broken this framework and headed back, many are contemplating and some brood that they can’t seem to make a choice.

But can we really feel at home even if we are back?

This question came up when I had the chance to talk to a dear friend of mine sitting oceans apart from me. Our generation is the floating generation, we don’t live in one place but we float in time and space and exist in pieces scattered all around the world through the relationships we have built.

And so even if we head back to our hometown we can’t bring all these small pieces of our existence together ever again. These pieces of our existence are by itself moving. Being carried away by the people we have built relationships with.

I can never be in my hometown in its complete sense because all my friends are on the move and parts of my life are with them. A sad but true look at how we physically move in one piece but get globally Torn.

But I have always been an enthusiast of Social media and I believe that the internet has opened up the possibilities to relive all pieces of our existence in many ways.

My Social Media account now connects me with my mom to my kindergarten mates. My professors to college mates. The groups in there have created small sections of my life where I can go back to my fifth grade, or engineering class or anywhere i want when ever I want.

Virtualization is hitting us without even us knowing. Our concepts of reality is redefining its boundaries so as to include our nature of flotation. We are rebuilding our life slowly piece by piece on the internet and it is a fun time to be doing that

“Life will never be judged by the glories we achieve, but by the relationships we build”

It is all scattered but if we want we can pick up the pieces and rebuild it

Vinod is a Technology professional and writer. His interests include Poetry, Flash Fiction, Film Making, Philosophy and Cultural Studies. He lives in Fremont and hails from Calicut in Kerala, India
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