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July 18, 2010

A few weeks back we headed out to Olive Garden for dinner. “We have some of the finest wines for you to start”, the maître d’ had said as he seated us at a comfortable table. That was when I first tasted Castello del Poggio Moscato – a fine sweet sparkling wine that is sure to make one surrender to its taste. It indeed was a perfect start for the dinner!

Wines have a distinct charm of their own, not to mention the health benefits generally associated with Red Wines. Wines have a special place in the field of photography as well. The color, the sparkle, the wineglass with its unique curve has been a subject of many a creative photograph.

This photograph of a rim-lighted wine glass with Red Wine is something I had been conceptualizing for a while. This area of photography is generally called the Concept Photography. Shooting a Concept photograph involves a significant analysis of the message one wants to convey. The idea was to portray the Red Wine glass as a sign of Cheer and Celebration; the reflection of the glass on the table denoting a level of sophistication and the dispersed red tinge towards the right arc of the glass symbolizing a sparkle.

The logic behind the lighting effects of this Wine glass was the fact that – when a beam of light is placed directly behind the glass, the rim of the glass reflects the light, while the wine in the glass blocks the light – thereby forming a rim-lighting effect. It required a few trials to get the positioning of the backlight to be at the best possible angle so that the rim is sufficiently lighted and at the same time there is no unwanted light falling on any other sides of the glass. Placing the glass on a shiny dark-wood table helped with the reflection on the floor.

In addition to the lighting and its angle, the photograph was shot with the aperture and shutter adjusted such that the exposure is controlled sufficiently to make the surroundings dark and to let only the light-reflected areas to show up. So after a few attempts to get the combination closest to what I had visualized – here's to all good times – Cheers!

Vidhya is an Independent Artist and a student of New York Institute of Photography. Twitter. Facebook. Facebook Photography Page. LinkedIn.
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