Indians Are The Best Multi-Taskers

July 13, 2010
Being Cynical

If there were any doubts on how efficient we Indians are in multi-tasking and making all the places into a multi tasking playground was cleared beyond any question by yesterday's exemplary compound display of chaos of our Karnataka opposition MLAs. What they achieved was worth lauding as they turned the state assembly into a Cafeteria, a Recreation ground, Juhu beach and last but not the least a Washroom rolled into one. The very place which our constitution holds by authority, the place where the law makers were supposed to be seated and discuss the well being of the nation was turned into a laughing stock and pain to those millions of voters who might have voted for these jokers to see their representatives behaving more irrationally than a bunch of school going kids. If just ordering evening snacks and tea and having them right on the floor was not enough, few able people's representatives thought to go a step further.

Do you remember the iconic photo of lord Krishna sleeping in a peculiar pose with goddess Laxmi politely giving a foot massage? There you are - A MLA bang at that pose, except no Laxmi to be seen anywhere near, right below the dais where the speaker was supposed to be and lazying around like a stray bull which we generally find on our city roads. Perhaps he was thinking to give a much needed Bedroom aspect to the assembly hall. Keeping the national shame apart, doesn't it represent our capability of using a particular designated place for different purposes? If you want to have some first hand experience of this phenomena, you don't necessarily need to go to a state assembly. Go to any stadium owned by central sports bodies during marriage months, you would find one reception or other going there. Let me assure you - it is we Indians only who can conceive the idea of using a basket ball court as a dinning hall and more interestingly we are capable of implementing the idea. I have myself seen all the kith and kin of our ministers getting married at the Barabati stadium turning the outfield their personal lawn.

When are we going to improve? When will we stop ourselves being exploited by soda companies like Pepsi or Coca Cola? It is in India only we find hidden prizes under the cap of a Pepsi bottle in the form of a code which we are supposed to send to a certain number via a SMS to claim our much deserved prizes. I haven't seen Pepsi floating such generous offers in their mother land because they very well know that there when people go for a Pepsi, they just go for a Pepsi, period unlike in India where we love multi tasking and expect to win some 10 odd lakhs while having a sip from the soda bottle. And what we end up with - drinking as many soda as we can along with sending those many numbers of SMS, with a hope this code might just dump a large amount in my account or that motor cycle that this soda company promises as the last prize.

Look at the average housewife. There she goes. Playing a round of Antakshari with Tinku and Tinki, in between helping them with their math homework during Antakshari turns at the same time guiding the maid to keep a check on the spice and oil while giving tadka to the daal as oil and spice doesn't go down well with Dadi maa's acidity . Not to mention that idiot box running at the corner with barely audible sound flashing some funny Ekta Kapoor's saas-bahoo liver toxic waste. The bewildered and exhausted husband fresh back from office has to listen few good words about the next door neighbours and how fortunate it is to have them beside before he can expect a cup of tea. Keep it in mind the four activities mentioned earlier are still continuing.

Our taxi drivers are nothing short of multi tasking poetry. The right elbow bulging 2/3rd out of the window which he negotiates with his arm pit. A gutka pouch on the other hand. Left leg somewhat managing to touch the clutch paddle while the right leg tapping on the loudly playing Bhojpuri song in some latest Hindi movie song's tune. On the way ogling at the babe standing on the foot path. Kya Item Hai Boss- De Taali.

How in earth do we a country of a billion plus people still struggle to get our country's name on the medal tally at Olympics after having so much talent on variety of activities. I guess the Commonwealth Games 2010 might just give us that option to rectify all our below par achievements. Just add multi tasking as an event and then see the Gold Rush. Mr.Suresh Kalmadi - Are you listening?

Fun is the next essential ingredient after Oxygen for this author. This chap is writing humor for quite some time without realizing that no one is reading. An IT coolie by profession he took to writing as he found Mayawati is not doing enough to balance out the daily dose of Humor needed by the human race. He could be found in all suspicious looking cyber spaces - From Orkut to Facebook, From Linkedin to Desibaba. The author can be reached via his Email which he invariably checks every 5 minutes (as he has nothing better to do). So if you are deprived of a big useless mail for sometime then just drop a test mail to this chap. You won't be disappointed. If you want a reply in double quick time then don't forget to add 'HOT PARTY GIRLS' or something like that somewhere in the subject line. Though he titled his blog as 'Being Cynical', regular readers feel, it should have been 'Occasionally Cynical, Mostly Mental'. P.S :- Befriending this human being is at the sole responsibility of the individual. It could bring unimaginable mental agony.
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