Have a Sweet After-life, Viveka!

June 30, 2010
Golden Boy

It is just a soft borderline. You push a Yes-button here and you get an entry to the world on the other-side.

Viveka Babajee did just that last week, while many of us confused and depressed souls kept fiddling with that button to the after-life.

And today, after one of us earthlings, has finally dared to cross the border on her own sweet will, GB wonders what it is like to be, you know, 'other-worldly'.

We all know that no maid-servants or doting moms passed over with her, unlike the days of Cleopatra. So she is going to miss them much there. And the half dozen pet kittens she left behind! Oh darling! that breaks my heart!

As if these were not enough to swoon over from Across the Border(no aman ki aasha here), she surely will miss those string of handsome bodies she her boyfriends.

I wonder how those in the after-life whet their sexual appetites! I, for one, would have never kicked that stool when I could have had such charming men as boyfriends. Who cares for marriage, my sweet darling Viveka, things like that don't even exist for us gay guys anyways - in this world or that!

So if it was for marriage that you allowed that noose to tighten around your fragile neck, gosh - that was much of a luxury, madam! A huge chunk of our population should be kicking off wooden stools right left and center now, since the Hindu Marriage Act (or whatever) doesn't care to allow same-sex marriages (I never mentioned the Muslim Marriage Act, so all you fanatics please stay away. For once, I don't need any controversy on DC)

But I am sure Viveka sweety, there was something else that was profoundly incorrect with this world for which you decided to climb up that wooden stool in the first place. I, for a fact, know that we earthlings are pretty bad when it comes to handling depressed people!

On the flip side, I am sure there are many on the other side who are now rejoicing at having you there in their midst. Say hi to Nafisa Joseph!

Finally, I hope that whatever it was that you kicked that stool for, you do get in the other realm. I am not sure if there are any second chances of suicide from that realm too!

GoldenBoy wishes you a happy after-life. God-willing, we will see each other soon. That is, after I buy a damn stool to kick (never knew it could be goddamn so essential and handy)

Gotta go back now, sweet darling, to my own depressed earth-life.

See you soon, there!

P.S: For those unaware souls, the Gay Pride March in Mumbai this year is pre-poned to 2nd July 2010. Catch up with all of you there!

31 years of age, Golden Boy has his own views on Sexuality, Politics, and Culture. Read about Psychiatry, Gay Freedom, the Crisis of Society, the marvel of life etc... through the eyes of a common Mumbaikar.
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