That Bitter Sweet Feeling

June 30, 2010

Recently something happened in the neighborhood that was very distressing for me. I have some relatives (you know, the second cousins type) where my mom was related to their mom. Ordinarily, in today's world, you hardly have time to meet or even stay in contact with such relatives. In our case, however, since they were in the same neighborhood, we were always in close contact, and called their children as equivalent to brothers and sisters, right from when I was very small.

So, after school (we went to different schools though), one would usually find either me in their house, or they in our house, and this went on for a long time. And when I say a long time, I meant a long time (also because all of us went to day college, and would be back from college, and would spend time together). Of course, as time in college increased, and the selection of friends increased, the amount of time one spent in their company took a decrease, but atleast once a week, we would still spend time enjoying each other's company.
And then, after college, I got married, and left for a different city. Now, the time that I could spend with them, got reduced to almost zero, except when I would come home and then would manage to spend time with them (required more coordination over a phone to ensure that the timings were suitable to all of us and so on).

However, such relations do not have the same intensity as one would have earlier (time spent apart and more important relations do have their own impact on other relationships). But recently, when I came home, I was told that they are moving to a different locality to be closer to their business, and their home would be sold. This was like a shock, since this would bring a much further gap in relationships, and maybe like a death knell. And then, more news, that the house was in a prime location, and whoever bought it would be sure to want the location rather than the house. And soon after, it happened. I could see a truck and people coming over, and then they started tearing down the house. There was a shock when I could see the house where I had spent so many good times, slowly being demolished, and within the space of 2 weeks, there was nothing left of the house, but a pile of rubble that was being carted away by trucks.

I was left with a bitter sweet feeling, since the sale of the house had netted them a good amount of money, more than needed for their new house, and would also adjust their standard of living, but for me, some of my emotions got pulled down along with the house.

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