The BJP's Revivalism

June 13, 2010

Wikipedia describes a "banana republic" as "a country that is politically unstable, dependent on limited agriculture, and ruled by a small, self-elected, wealthy, and corrupt elite". While the original definition may not hold true in present context, it is sufficient to convey the literal sense of the term for India. We are hurtling towards a generalised chaos, an anarchy and till the time a radical solution to this is hammered out, we as the one of the world's most populous nations would be sitting ducks for getting annexed to "foreign powers".

As it is, the ruling elite is morally bankrupt. We have an "appointed prime minister", a shadow cabinet and all powerful ruling elite that is not answerable to the public that elected them in the first place. The sham quote of democracy,"of the people, for the people and by the people" has been done to death by raping the innards of spirit of democracy. The historical blunders and wrongs have never been set right, a whole new generation of Macaulayites has been spawned and divorced from the rich cultural heritage and the corruption kick back black economy is now a large percentage of the country's GDP. The systematic loot is in full frontal view of the public and a pliable media is for the askance.

In the gloom and doom, we need a able leader. An extra-ordinary political party that shakes up the country's slumber, and asks the inevitable questions. A party that leads us from darkness to light and imbibes the true sense of leadership and purpose. The Bharatiya Janata Party is one party which has the potential, the gumption and the foresight to lead the country from the front.

The pill may be very bitter to swallow. The educated elite are unwilling to accept the writing on the wall. They quote the oft repeated "desecration" of the "minorities". The black year of Gujarat riots. All the while conveniently associating the theory of "automatic combustion" of Railway bogies. They forget that the poor unarmed Hindus were attacked by a violent mob WITHOUT any provocation. A "backlash" was too hard to handle. But of course. The bleeding heart secularists and the champions of human rights had to commit perjury and falsification of available evidence to swing the media in it's favour. The likes of NDTV (with a motivated leftist agenda) crowed about the "loss of innocent human lives" without any iota of evidence.

Yet, the human mind is frail. We as a new whole generation are not given to a sensible political discourse. We resort to the likes of Slimes (or toiLET) paper as if it is the last word on "journalism". The dimwit moronish commentators suck up to the ruling elite because they draw their sustenance and possible glory from that. Still, no debate. No informed political commentary.

Admittedly, BJP has been in an disarray. More specifically after the last general elections, BJP has not been able to come to terms with the fact that incumbency factor may not be important at all, given the changed times and perception of people. It is belatedly realised that the route to power is by addressing the common man. To be able to connect to the masses. To be able to forcefully rely on the power of spoken word. To be able to strike out the hollow roots of the ruling dispensation. To ask uncomfortable questions. To question the complicity with the lobbyists of various hues and the deep rot of the corporate business and financial interests in the ruling structure. To be able to muster enough lung power to take to the streets.

It is heartening to know that the BJP is belatedly realising the same. In the recent rally in Patna, BJP's Narendra Modi roared. Although it was a veiled attack on Congress and it's policies, it was clear that Modi is cut out for leading the country from 2014, assuming that the Congress runs it's full term or nothing untoward happens like a state of emergency. BJP is girding up it's loins for all the hard work, because it is the people power that would force the media to take cognisance of the developing situation and hopefully incite a debate.

Never before in recent history, has a leader been so popular who by sheer towering personality been able to deliver a public address extempore or connect with the populace coming on their own will to hear him out. BJP needs to chalk out a strong strategy to make forays in South, project Modi as the probable Prime Ministerial candidate and Nitin Gadkari in a managerial role. The "golden era" of L.K. Advani may well be over who like fumbling idiots messed up the whole show during 2004. The individual can never become bigger than the party; Modi realises this. And he was empathic in relaying a strong message to people that vote bank politics and minority pampering should be booted out in favour of a strong developmental based politics. Let me hasten to add. The revivalism of Hindutva where it regains public consciousness and becomes the focal point of the next 2014 elections. BJP as the representative of the Hindus needs to ensure the construction of Ram Mandir as a symbol of self assertion and sentiments for a vast majority of the people of this country. The must get back to their promises and fulfil them.

Coming back to the original theme of Banana republic. While this may be a remote possibility given the fact that Bhopal's skeletons have come tumbling out and Nuclear Liability Bill heavily loaded against it's own citizens, the millions stashed on secret Swiss accounts etc., we need a mass reawakening. A common point to rally around and bind as a nation; not on the basis of caste, creed or even religion but on the basis of Hinduism. On the basis of a rich glorious heritage that has been murdered by British in 300+ years of misrule. Of unshackling the slavery of mindset but rather become stake holders in the great and proud nation. Garv se Kaho hum Hindustani Hain.

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