Modi Vis-a-Vis MEA

June 01, 2010
Suresh Naig

At last the dust has settled, of course after some tough talks by our MEA officials to their counter parts of Canada. Denying visa to any person is the sole prerogative of a sovereign country and it is not right for another country to question it. However, the reason attributed by Canadian government in denying Visa to retired BSF personnel was the bone of contention. Canadian government had cast aspersions on BSF terming it as an organization indulging in human rights violation and hence denied Visa for a person who had worked in it. Similarly another person was denied Visa by the same Canadian government for having worked in a paramilitary organization in Kashmir.

Though the MEA officials heaved a sigh of relief of having averted a major diplomatic tussle, this incidence calls for some introspection. In the past we have failed to demonstrate our maturity by refusing to bury our differences in front of the world for some petty political gains. When USA revoked the visa of Narendra Modi in 2005 citing Godhra incidence, most of the congress leaders rejoiced with glee, as if USA had endorsed their views. The same mentality of our people few centuries ago had resulted in the East India Company gobbling up our land and rich resources. The ever suspicious Leftists, who have not seen anything Right about USA, have approved the revocation of Modi's visa, joined by select journalists and human rights activists, burying their heads in sand and wagging their tails. Recently a German delegation visited India; jumping their brief they declared Narendra Modi as persona non-grata in Germany and promised that European Union will follow suit - true it will be a suit without brief.

Other than the BJP, no other party or the Government of India refused to react for this unsolicited views expressed by the delegation of Germans, who have visited our country on Indian visa. Are we so nave that any outsider can castigate and cast aspersions on an elected Chief Minister of a State with impunity? Are we proclaiming to the world at large that we will not tolerate any aspersions on BSF, but anyone can butcher BJP and feast on it? Or is it so plain, that the Canadian government officials felt that denying visa to any person representing any organisation with a starting "B" will make so many people in India happy?

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