To Be A Girl

May 12, 2010
Deepti Lamba

"Mama, when are you getting my ears pierced?" Intense eyes looked into mine and I sighed. "Soon! Next weekend probably."

Parita stamped her feet and walked off.

The day finally came. Today my soon to be five year old got her ears pierced. She danced around the house in anticipation and sang "I'm getting my ears pierced. I'm so happy!"

And I muttered in the background "Yeah! you sure are gonna be happy in a couple of hours. You're gonna be very very happy."

Naturally at the jewelry shop the little one caught unawares howled with pain, the jeweler was dexterous and I hid my face in my dupatta unable to watch the act. Parita cried for a few minutes in my lap and touched her newly pierced ears tentatively. I distracted her by showing her gems that gleamed from underneath the glass counter.

There were topaz, rubies, emeralds and other stones that she marvelled at and the jeweler took them out and let her feel them in her little palm. I asked her which ones she liked and she was quick to answer "Diamonds!"

The jewelers and I burst out laughing. The girl knew what she liked.

Couple of hours later she showed her ear studs proudly to anyone who was willing to have a look and praise her. The first milestone in her life was covered - getting her ears pierced.

Thankfully all other milestones are study oriented and maybe throw in music and dance lessons since she loves singing and dancing.

To be a young girl is fun and I get to enjoy her world as well. There are barbies, pink tent houses, frilly clothes, tea party in plastic cups and dreams about growing up and cooking for mama;P

dee.jpgDeepti Lamba is an author, besides editing at Desicritics
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