Femmes Will Be Fatal

April 30, 2010

Female libido just got a pop-a-pill solution. Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant that saved mankind (well almost) with Viagra, will soon be launching its female counterpart, the yet unnamed UK-414495. Women all over the world will now be literally on top and why not? Why should men have all the fun!

Did you know Viagra was an accidental discovery by doctors looking to treat angina-pectoris, a heart condition (But haven’t we known all along where a man’s heart lies, whoever said it was the stomach was a big fat liar).  So Big-V fortunately or unfortunately was much like Columbus’s stumbling upon America on a voyage to discover India. History repeats itself and how!  

Researchers have suggested that Viagra is a noble discovery which has inadvertently proved to be a boon for endangered species (no, not the witty, intelligent kind).  Research at the University of Alaska and University of Wales reveals that trade in exotic body parts used as aphrodisiacs has fallen dramatically since Viagra hit the market. Rhinos love it and can now flaunt their horns without a care in the world.  Reindeers feel more secure about their antlers and fewer goats are walking the roads with their legs crossed!

So if Viagra has lifted many a man’s flagging spirit and saved endangered species, will womankind benefit too from the new over the counter solution to the Big O?

Since the dawn of time, since cavemen first stood erect, males have been cribbing about women’s lack of libido.  Can we expect more spice behind closed doors?  All I can say is that many of us can now put our acting skills to rest. Remember Meg Ryan’s classic act in When Harry met Sally that had Bill Crystal squirming in his seat?

Imagine this scenario. The man gets back home after a long day. The woman opens the door, sizes him up and gives a wicked grin. The man looks alarmed and manages to mumble....Not tonight Darling, I have a headache.

But smart women have never depended on men anyway.

Once upon a time teacher who has opinions on everything and anything. Not a crusader, but someone who enjoys books, movies, music(not just any) and is an avid traveller. Loves poking fun at everything especially herself...
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