Poessay: Five Letter B Words Part I

April 30, 2010
Words express, emote, soothe, guide, communicate. Pearled together, they effectively transform thoughts and intents. Duck, Man, Duck!

Over time the English speaking world has developed a penchant for mono syllabled four letter cuss words. From my limited knowledge of them in desi lingua franca the disposition is for multi syllabled cuss words...perhaps for added emphasis....go on...repeat them in your mind...see?

So moving away from mono sylabbled four letter cuss words we go bi-sylabbled five letter B words. Just some regular everyday five letter B words...Baath, Babar, bitch, board, bored, borne, botch, braid, brace, brake, brawl, bread, break, broke, busty, butch.

Baath: LinkA political party that ex President Bush tried to take to the cleaners resulting in over 100,000 documented Iraqi civilians and over 4200 US soldiers dead and 30,000 wounded and many more mentally affected - with no end in sight yet.Babar: Desi and ABCD see this in historical and cultural context. For the former this is an emperor and for the latter an elephant.

Bitch: Nawwab is better qualified to pontificate over this word. My feelings have been made clear in Duck, Man, Duck linked above. I steer clear, both figuratively and literally.

Board: LinkEarliest encounter with the board is colour associated...black and white...and in the class room...with dusters and chalk particles...and if you were over-active...then splinters of the board...euphemistically called sticks were judiciously introduced to your posterior. Boards can be controlling, adamant and intractable...as those who run foul of them find out to their chagrin. IPL, anyone?

Bored: Piercing, persistent, moving forward to make a hole physically or simply to annoy and spread misery on unsuspecting victims...run away when accosted...if you can...smile when you cannot.

Borne: You can give birth, give support or run around it in circles. Yes you can!

Botch: I may be botching this up or making a complete botch up of this poessay. This words reminds me of hotch...which conjures hotch-potch...which brings up the quote by erstwhile dictator Gen. Zi(n)a ul Haq, who said to Dan Rather of CBS, 'take a little bit of hotch potch and add some more hotch potch and you will end up with hotch potch.' Not kidding.

Braid: A hair do that looks good on young girls. Older women portraying two braided youth look see star Rekha's latest picture and refrain. Same for Bo Derek wannabees. It is passe.

کوئی میرے دل سے پوچھے ترے تیرِ نیم کش کو
یہ خلش کہاں سے ہوتی جو جگر کے پار ہوتا

कोई मेरे दिल से पूछे तिरे तीर-ए नीम-कश को
यह ख़लिश कहां से होती जो जिगर के पार होता

Ghazal 20, Verse 4

(to be concluded)

love people who are in awe of words. words are the sole arbiter and the final survivor. desicritic editor, slave and slave-driver.
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