Photography Times: Hippopotamus Mating Games

April 26, 2010

The Fort Worth Zoological Park is a Wildlife Photographer's delight. More so, if you visit on an overcast day with a mild breeze on an early spring morning. This typical day was particularly exciting with sights of Chimpanzees mating, Hippos Foreplay, Cheetah peeing, Elephants cuddling, Giraffe playing, Lion yawning, Tiger staring - all sucked into my lens.

It was afternoon and I was sipping my cool can of Ginger Ale, when I heard the first bellow, instantly followed by a loud grunt. Replacing the cap, I started pacing in the direction of the grunt. There was another low grunt and the sound was becoming indiscernible as I came closer. Soon I came upon two hippos facing each other, their mouths almost in contact, on the edge of a water channel. They were circling around in the water like two Sumo wrestlers performing their pre-game rituals.

As it would be apparent in just a bit, this was no wrestling. I was about to witness an interesting sequence of courtship activities between the two Hippos.

Hippos generally remain submerged in water during the day. Mating and childbirth both happen in water.

Hippos are large creatures, generally weighing over 3000 pounds. But do not take the bulkiness to mean they are slow moving and timid - Hippos can easily outrun a human, they are known to clock up to 30kmph. They are also one of the most aggressive creatures in the world and can get into nasty fights with fellow Hippos.

However, their mating games are sublime. Males attract females by defecating or urinating to mark their territory. The pair circle each other, bring their mouths together, bellow and grunt, and tussle and tumble their bulky bodies frothing and splashing the water all around them.

Every now and then - the grunt!

After a long and satisfactory copulating session, it was time to take rest.

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Photography Times: Hippopotamus Mating Games


Author: Vidhya


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