Nawwab and I: Booooobquake Alert

April 23, 2010

Photograph by: Handout, Jennifer McCreight

N: Women.
t: You mean bitches?
N: No, women!
t: OK, let me fetch my defensive armour.
N: Sure, arm yourself all you can...
t: (Nawwab is up to some grand mischief...)
N: I am not up to any mischief.
t: I forget, you are a clairvoyant Nawwab.
N: Woof, woof. "When promiscuity spreads, earthquakes increase," says Hojatoleslam Kazim Sadeghi.
t: WTF. I thought you'd mention Rushdi or Jen McCreight.
N: Nice deflection. It is not about What The Fatwa!
t: Phir kyuN bhonk rahay ho?
N: Eyjafjallajoekull.
t: Ah, the volcano.
N: You cannot even pronounce it.
t: There is no shame in being with the majority, Nawwab.
N: The frocked bearded one is so symptomatic of the rot.
t: Aye, aye sir! The Bavarian Baba and the abused children.
N: Remember Jinn power?
t: Yes, if the hypothesis worked there would be no power shortage.
N: And instead of hounding medieval thinking they are barking at Hoodbhoy.
t: So it is Islam.
N: No, it is the worldwide IRR.
t: Irish Republican Reformers?
N: Irreligious Religious Right.
t: Shlomo Benizri blames the gays.
t: And they sow these far fetched balloons so the indignant can erect....
N: ...not erect, erupt as in Eyjafjallajoekull.
t: That is one horrendous eruption, not an erection, I'd agree.
N: Monday is on your mind, I see...
t: Monday?
N: Jen McCreight is going to cause global quakes to prove Sadeghi right.
t: I see...so women will bring the earth down.
N: You are only interested in viewing clips.
t: Yes, but also the end of the world...if that happens I can delay paying bills.
N: Only you can think about personal issues.
t: Wrong, I can think about ...
N: ...WTF.
t: What is wrong about What The Fatwa
N: Woof, woof!

love people who are in awe of words. words are the sole arbiter and the final survivor. desicritic editor, slave and slave-driver.
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