Abuse by Police and Deaths in Judicial Custody.

April 14, 2010

I have often said that I have no sympathy at all for any policeman or police official. The entire Indian police reins terror in the minds of common citizens. If the police ever catch hold of you due to any reason, you are sure to face hell unless you bribe your way out. I regularly come across men and women, who were slapped, hit and threatened by Indian police.

It is estimated that more than 4 million arrests every year are unnecessary or unjustified. They are 60% of all arrests made by police(link). This shows, how monstrous the abuse and extortion racket is.

The police can slap you, hit you, threaten you and your family. It is all considered legal and there is no way the police can ever get punished for abusing you. Our parliament and our Home Minister P. Chidambaram will choose to look else where. Deaths caused by Indian police due to torture are increasing rapidly.

Every 5 hours, a man gets killed in Judicial Custody. Many more commit suicide within days of judicial custody as they fail to bear the trauma of torture and extortion by police. (Torture Report)

On the night of 2 June 2009, a 48-year-old Dalit woman (resident of Jambada village) was allegedly gang-raped by four police personnel, including Head Constable Mishra at Amla police station in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh. On June 2009, the victim was arrested in connection with a dowry case. Upon her production before the court she was sent to judicial custody. But the police told the victim that it would be late by the time they reach the jail and prisoners were
not allowed to enter the jail after 6 pm. So the police kept her at the Amla police station where she was gang-raped by four police personnel at night. Medical examination reportedly confirmed rape of the victim.

Is our country a fascist terrorist state?Who is responsible for this state of affairs?

I will blame the Congress Government, which ruled more than 80% of India since 1947. This Government will not do anything substantial to change these police atrocities, unless civil society creates enormous pressure on the Government. The civil society is also responsible for not holding the Government to account with persistent campaigns.

In October 2009, Delhi police brutally tortured an Award Winning American Journalist. Outlook published an article along with shocking pictures of the brutalities. What is our civil society doing? Watching IPL?

Outlook article with shocking pictures of torture of American Journalist.

A few weeks back, P.Chidambaram, the home minister, asked Delhi-ites to mend their ways before the Commonwealth Games. "We must behave as citizens of a big, good international city," he said. Clearly, Delhi Police thought it was not included. Joel Elliott, an award-winning American freelance journalist, working as a staff writer at Caravan magazine in Delhi since May this year, has charged "six to seven hours of beating and torture" by Delhi Police, for intervening while the cops were thrashing another man. Delhi Police, on its part, insists that Elliot was drunk, trying to steal a taxi, and had beaten up a couple of police men and an elderly driver. Even if we go by the Delhi Police version, what does it say about the rule of law in India's capital city and the way its police metes out instant justice? Following is the full text of the signed statement of Joel Elliott about the night of Oct. 5 and the morning of Oct. 6.

Sumanth is an Indian Men's Rights Activist.
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