Gay Trawl

April 13, 2010
Deepti Lamba

There are numerous gay blogs floating on the Internet and like most sites sifting the gold from the dust is not all that time consuming provided one knows where to look.

Using search engines is what comes to mind but can be very time consuming for the newbies. One of the best places to look for good reading material on gay issues is on Gaylife. They cover just about everything from serious topics such as countering homophobic myths, political and social issues that effect the gay community, coming out of the closet and lighter matters such as dating, favourite cars, actors etc.

On the Indian front there is Gaysi. It is a bold site which dares to take the desi world head on and does not shy away from discussing adult gay oriented topics and even has a niche corner for stories. The site is easy to scroll through and the articles are entertaining. They also have a section for guest writers.

The bios of the editors are also quite interesting as well but since they continue to write under monikers maybe its a reflection on the Indian social system which has yet to accept those under the rainbows.

There is also Queeristan which posts entertaining news about the activities of the gay world and the third genders encompassing the entire South Asian subcontinent. But the blog needs to be updated.

Couple of my favourite personal gay blogs have also become irregular not due to lack of interest but due to more pressing matters. Like Steve on Adamant Sun who expressed his life and his thoughts through the very early years of blogging and I used to religiously follow his blog but currently he is blogging rather erratically.

But Adamant Sun continues to be one of my favourite blogs since Steve's writings are always straight from the heart, his humor- entertaining and his family endearing.

Nitin Karani is a well known Indian gay activist who champions the cause of gay rights passionately both online and in the real world. Again Queer India is comatose and its a pity since Nitin is an excellent writer.

I am sure there are many personal desi gay blogs catering to the gay market which is no longer niche. It would be nice to see more gay oriented online magazines such as Gaysi take root in the vistas of the Desi Internet. Their voices would not only be a refreshing change from reading the same old heterosexual issues but would further enrich the desi cultural mileu.

Incidentally, I'd recommend following Gay India on Twitter for a constant and relevant stream of gay-friendly news and events in the Indian context

dee.jpgDeepti Lamba is an author, besides editing at Desicritics
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