Disaster Can Be An Opportunity

April 07, 2010
Devendra Sharma

The murder of Mr. Eugene Terre'Blanche of AWB by two of his farm workers created some ripples in the national and international news media more than it actually did in South Africa itself. The western media bloated the subject and tried to create a sort of fear psychosis by predicting violence on racial lines to follow. Although the sanity has prevailed and none of the horrors presumed have actually happened.

But the very day of the incident when Sky News and BBC were carrying on their chants I was reminded of 31-10-1984 the day of Assassination of Indira Gandhi (by her Sikh Bodyguards) and the Sikh carnage that followed due to the irresponsible behaviour of some of the un-couth congress leaders (almost 3000 Sikhs lost their lives). After almost 14 years Rajiv Gandhi's widow, Mrs Sonia Gandhi and current President of the Congress Party, officially apologized in 1998 for the events of November 1984. Today a Sikh leader is the Prime Minister of India and is revered and mostly hailed and respected for his economic and social policies for the betterment of the country.

When we are living in the present, the remarkability of events is not felt due to the dynamic continuity but after some period, in retrospect we find that those events actually are the makers or breakers of the future. Whatever the unassuming radical few may state provocatively it is certain that no one can wish away the white/coloured/Indian community of South Africa which form a considerable proportion of the population of this beautiful and a bountiful country. Every community has its capabilities and qualities, the best for any nation is that the Government and leaders of ruling parties must tap the potential of these communities in an equitable manner.

The events that have happened in the past week must be taken as an opportunity given to the Government to come out strongly and ensure that its actions in aftermath actually stand out and say volumes for its future course of action. These are the times when a rational and wise leader would show his/her mettle to tackle the issues head-on and make a mark in the history of the Nation.

I  look up to President Zuma to utilise this chance and use it to set things and people straight by introducing long term policies of restraining the negative forces that have started raising their Cobra like heads.

Chief Operating Officer of State Bank of India's Durban (SA) operations. Science Graduate a Hindi Poet and politically moderate person.
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Disaster Can Be An Opportunity


Author: Devendra Sharma


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