Idli, Sambhar and Chicken 498a

April 06, 2010

It is said, "498a is like ordering Idli Sambhar in a restaurant". Even restaurant owner can refuse to serve you Idli Sambhar, but no police sub-inspector(PS) can refuse Chicken 498a.

Wife: I want to order a 498a against my husband...

PS: Sure Madam, would you like to order some toppings?

Wife: well, let's see... How about his parents too?

PS: Of course Ma'am, does he have siblings? We can offer their inclusion for free!

Wife: Is there a dessert?

PS: Oh yes. We have DV pudding, Ice Cream 406, 420 and 506. Which one would u like to order? By the way, this DV pudding is specially prepared by USAID.

Wife: What's that? Sounds like some AIDS Virus.

PS: No Madam. USAID is a special training institute for Chefs like me. Like a virus, it has spread all over the world. At first this dish was made by Joe Biden in US Senate and it started the franchise here recently. Women in US love it.

Wife: Wow!! Will they allow me to enter into US after eating that pudding?

PS: No Madam. For that, you have to first go to US somehow and order a separate dish called VAWA, made out of Idli RAWA. And then, they will give you green card on a hot Tawa.

Wife: Vahrevah!! You mean they make Idlis there as well. Americans are great chefs.

PS: Yeah. There is always something cooking in US. However, there is nothing spicier than Chicken 498a. Even American women travel to India to order this dish here.

Wife: Really? Wow!! Is it tastier than Chilli Chicken by VahChef Sanjay Dhumma?

PS: Well. Sorry to say, Sanjay had been kidnapped by some jerks in a Chinese restaurant and he is forced to train them in preparing new dishes. Poor Sanjay!! He was such a great cook. Now, he is cooking for some jerks in that restaurant called SNIFF.

Wife: Oh no!

PS: By the way, our special guests include wives and fiancees of cricketers.

Wife: Really??

PS: Yeah. Manoj Prabhaker's wife is our regular guest. Yesterday, Shoaib Malik's ex-girl friend came with her entire family.

Sumanth is an Indian Men's Rights Activist.
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