Hopeless Congress & Hapless Amitabh

April 01, 2010
Suresh Naig

During the height of the Afghan and Iraq controversies, if some politician in India had talked about impounding the passports of all Indians for the sin of working in Bush’s country, what would have been the reaction?

I am sure we would have named that politician nuts, for we all know U.S.A. is different from Bush. A similar thing has happened without much protest from the public or political leaders, might be because we have gone nuts.

When Amitabh Bachchan participated in the opening of second Worli sea link, the local Maharashtra politicians were castigated, for the sin of accommodating a brand ambassador of Narendra Modi. As an ordinary person I could understand that Amitabh was the brand ambassador of Gujarat Tourism Corporation and not Narendra Modi. He had accepted the assignment to promote several tourist destinations in Gujarat including Gir Lions. But central Congress leaders could not differentiate between Modi and Gujarat, so much so their Modi phobia has driven them nuts.

I can understand the hopelessness of the Congress leaders, having failed in 3 consecutive elections to wrest power from Narendra Modi in Gujarat. Since they have concluded that Modi is invincible in elections, they try other routes in diminishing his aura. They tried the routes of American Visa, SIT summons and now barking at the brand ambassador route. Will they request the wax museum in U.K. to remove the statue of Amitabh, for the sin of being the brand ambassador of Gujarat? I wonder what is going to happen to the chief justice of India K.G.Balakrishnan? He had participated in the convocation of the first batch of lawyers passing out from the Gujarat State law school alongside Narendra Modi.

I wonder whether the congress leaders will change the name of Gujarat to Modistan and insist on all Modistanis to carry their passports while travelling to India and vice versa.

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Hopeless Congress & Hapless Amitabh


Author: Suresh Naig


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