The Commonwealth Games Have Wrecked Delhi

March 31, 2010

I have the fortune to live in an area close to one of the venues of the Commonwealth Games. Why fortune? Well everybody says that the development of the entire area happens, roads are improved, pavements are re-made, and overall, even property prices go up. And so we are convinced that eventually everything will turn out to be all right.

However, if you look at the current situation, or even of the past couple of years, this side of Delhi looks like a disaster zone. There was a metro being constructed (with road width having been reduced by plenty), there was a flyover under destruction because the number of railway lines passing under the flyover were being increased, then there was a further railway platform being build. In the middle of all this, the flyover that was being crushed in the middle was also starting to be made more wide, so the railings to the sides of the flyover were broken, and there was dust everywhere.

So, what happens? Well, you are told to be patient; after all the metro line will eventually add more transport options to your area and also decongest the area, the increased road space will made traffic more easier to handle, and as I mentioned, this whole effect will be to increase the property values in the area.
All this would have been bearable had it not been for the fact that adequate precautions were taken during this entire construction mess. So, for example, when the pavements were uprooted for repaving, the traffic lights stopped working and a majority of the times, there was no traffic police leading to a mess. Further, when large stones were removed from the pavement, a random stone here or there would be on the road, making it risky for night traffic. And of course, there would be diversions on the road that were marked off with flags (and even an empty barrel), but you could plainly see that there was no activity happening over there, just causing a nuisance to traffic. One does not even start to talk about how the dust in the air is a health hazard.

I wonder how many other people face situations similar to this when there is construction activity near their places?

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The Commonwealth Games Have Wrecked Delhi


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