Mumbai - The Core of India

March 04, 2010
Pratyush Khaitan

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I am in Mumbai for a business trip and though I am a frequent visitor, I notice a change. It is a religious exuberance by a few like I have never seen before. There are saffrons and symbolisms of religion every where to be seen. It is a perfect setting for me to be staying in a hotel opposite recently renamed Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus from the old Grand name VT or Victoria Terminus.

At first, I feel alarmed. Why are these people showing off their religions so vibrantly, so intrudingly as a procession stops the traffic on my way to the hotel from the city. I am agitated, alarmed at the situation we face ourselves.

Then, when I think over it, I find that this really is the core of India. In India, every one has a right to express himself or herself, whether right or wrong and no one can stop you from doing that. That's what freedom is. That's what democracy is.

It is the same democracy which allowed Bapu to fast and churn a nation and more. It is the same fast which allows a Shiv Sanik to talk about partitioning Mumbai from India. In India, they can both co-exist.

India is a great, great nation and more strength will come to it as time goes on because of India's strength of absorbing the rebellious in the liberal.

PS - This is not a movie post but if you get a chance, watch Mumbai Meri Jaan which captures the spirit of Mumbai and essentially India very aptly.

Pratyush Khaitan is a young entrepreneur. Off the clock, he is a movie buff and a sports writer. He blogs at Pratosphere.
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