The Filth That We Are Comfortable With

March 03, 2010
Priyank Chandra

There is beauty in all things. What could be filth and garbage to me could be beautiful to others. I concede this point and therefore I try my best to not judge the world. So without delay, I present to you two photographs I took this morning.

The Muck On The Lake

The Cups Runneth Over

The readers are now invited to share their analysis of the aesthetic beauty inherent in these photographs. And do not pretend that you fail to see it. Why else would this be allowed to exist in the midst of one of the most active IT hubs of Bangalore.

A litte background about these photographs. These were taken right next to Bagmane Tech Park, C V Raman Nagar, Bangalore. The lake is adjacent to the tech park and used to be beautiful a long time ago. This tech park is "an eco-friendly tech park". How these mammoth air conditioned buildings, bereft of vegetation, generating massive amounts of wastes and energy needs are eco-friendly is beyond me but that point is irrelevant at the moment. I want to direct the attention of the reader to the plastic that decorates the lake.

This tech park houses some of the biggest companies in the world - HP, Oracle, Samsung and a lot more. So the people working here are extremely well-educated folks - the engineers and the MBAs. Most drive their air-conditioned cars to the offices and then cocoon themselves in the air-conditioned sanitized worlds of cubicles and work. At regular intervals they take breaks to litter the outside world with tea-cups and cigarette buds, before returning to the cocoons of bliss and indifference.

I work in this tech park. I am a part of the indifference. I see the massive amounts of time and resources invested by every company to keep the workplace hygienic. Corporate responsibility dictates that the companies publicly invest money in a lot of noble causes. And yet the surroundings have remained this dirty for many years now. The foreign clients arrive in tinted cars and leave in them, and the employees walk past the garbage without any notice.

This is why I claim that what I see every morning as filth and garbage MUST be beautiful. How else could we the educated and well-off people bear to be pass by it everyday and not feel a sense of repulsion. And kudos to the corporations in playing their part in the indifference that defines the new Bangalore.

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