Kensei, Our Warrior Cat

February 05, 2010
Deepti Lamba

He was a gorgeous cat. People used to think he was a little lion living amongst us. He had bit of an attitude probably caused by the abuse he suffered as a kitten but was otherwise an affectionate feline. But one fine day he did what cats tend to do - he squeezed through a window I forgot to close, jumped the garden wall and fell prey to the street dogs late in the night 3690038568_ae7ed3dfe9.jpg;

We found his body next day in the open fields behind our house. The poor tom didn't stand a chance. His body was torn into shreds. We brought him back home and buried him in the garden.

The grief of losing him still stays with me and its been well over two weeks. The house doesn't feel the same without him. Zoey, our female cat is a docile little thing who likes a bit of petting and then sleeps. Kensei on the other hand was a little tornado. He used to play with us and bug Zoey to no end.

In the middle of the night while lying in our bed we could hear things falling around the house with the cats chasing each other. But the house has now become silent and I miss those gorgeous tawny eyes and the gentle nudging he did against my feet.

Grief tends to dull with time but then it returns in the form of memories. And the wound opens all over again. People who aren't animal lovers cannot understand the lingering grief felt over an animal but that's where love comes in. Its what makes us human and loving animals comes easy - they ask for nothing and give so much.

Its taken me so long to write about Kensei who had been with us for over two years. It still feels as if he would come around the corner and patiently ask for food. He was my stink bomb, my little warrior and like his namesake he died in a fight. But I so wish he died an old cat's death in our midst.

Rest in peace, Kensei.

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