Photo Essay: Flowers From Our Winter Garden

January 28, 2010
Aaman Lamba

It might be best to begin with a disclaimer. While I did take most of the photographs in this essay and have benefited from the salubrious climes induced by the beautiful array of plants and flowers, the true credit and labours are those of Deepti Lamba, and thus the kudos.

We are fortunate to have a large yard. My mother and father were ardent gardeners, but of the functional variety. While we had a few rose bushes and gladioli, the layout was oriented towards fruit trees, garden vegetables, and some special breeds like the elephant's foot. I recall quite a few good bonsai, and that is a special art indeed.

Our garden today is quite different. The fruit trees grow strong, except for a couple cherry and banana that had to be removed. We suffer from acute water shortage though, like most of Bangalore, that odd city which wasn't built next to a major water source, and has murdered the few rivers that flowed through it. Our choice of plants is therefore oriented towards ones that can go without frequent watering and also our aesthetic tastes run to colorful vibrant flowers.

This January seems to have produced a fine crop of blooms. Here are some for your appreciation.


There are more than flowers in our garden, as with any ecosystem.













Violet Orchid
We got this Violet orchid recently.

Cat in the Garden
This tom is a frequent visitor to our garden.

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Photo Essay: Flowers From Our Winter Garden


Author: Aaman Lamba


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