Northern Ireland : Peace Will Prevail

March 12, 2009
Vijay Sappani

The recent attack on soldiers in Northern Ireland is a shameful act of terror that is motivated by sheer hatred to divide and create a rift between the Protestants and Catholics, who have learnt to put their past behind them and live in peace.

The immediate reaction of the public is an example of how societies should learn to adapt and develop learning from the past. Thousands of them have taken to the streets against the criminals and people on both sides of the fence are united in their fight against the detractors whose only goal is to break the civic harmony that now exists in N.Ireland and create havoc.

The "defiance and determination" of people to "stand up to the evil of criminal violence" is the begging of the end of those who pursue violence as a means to communicate their grievance. The resilience seen among the people of Northern Ireland to oppose the hatred feelings of a select few to return to their violent past should be an example to civilian population in Middle East, war torn Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Kashmir and many other regions affected by violent conflict.

Nothing can be achieved through violence and nothing can not be achieved through peaceful negotiations. You just need to try enough and be patient. Let us not forget that the biggest hero's of the world are Gandhiji, Mandela, Martin L.King, Dalai Lama, Aung suu Kyi and not the self proclaimed leaders of groups that use violence including state leaders of Iran, Sri Lanka, Burma, N.Korea.

We can not predict the future, but if we can learn from history, then we know what has worked. Peace will prevail in N.Ireland because the people are smarter than the terrorists and they will not fall to their trap - again. Never.

Vijay Sappani is a toronto based political and community activist. Articulate in policy issues, Vijay is well versed in national and international issues and advises many organizations in Canada. You can read more about him at www.vijaysappani.com or contact him at vijaysappani@gmail.com
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Northern Ireland : Peace Will Prevail


Author: Vijay Sappani


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