CUPE Canada is Anti Peace and Pro-Hate

March 01, 2009
Vijay Sappani

I am disappointed with CUPE and Sid Ryan for their anti-Semitic action against Israeli Universities. In a conflict there is always difference of opinion. There is death, destruction and havoc in the lives of millions of civilians like we see in the Israel- Palestine conflict. Many of us hope to see an end to the conflict and bring permanent peace to the region.

The crisis is geographical, religious and historical that most of them are biased towards their side, making it difficult. It is always expected that those in academia have cooler heads and the best place to preach peace are educational institutions on both sides of the border.

CUPE is attacking the very nerve that can bring peace to the region. Instead of calling for a boycott, CUPE should encourage more collaborations with Israeli and other universities in the middle east. We should encourage joint chairs in our  universities with those in Israel and middle east.

CUPE should foster peace, love and learning , not hatred, war and anti-Semitism. Maybe Sid Ryan should attend one of the events at Shalom-Salaam and learn from them. If you can't help bring peace, don't at least hurt.

Vijay Sappani is a toronto based political and community activist. Articulate in policy issues, Vijay is well versed in national and international issues and advises many organizations in Canada. You can read more about him at www.vijaysappani.com or contact him at vijaysappani@gmail.com
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March 1, 2009
02:36 AM

sanctions work

it helped dismantle apartheid


every single peaceful measure that can end the travesty of occupation and subjugation should be employed

and supported fully

Vinod Joseph
March 1, 2009
04:03 AM

Israel cannot be equated to South Africa. Israel's occupation of Gazza and the West Bank is wrong, but it is a facet of the entire dispute where both parties have committed mistakes. It is not appropriate to use sanctions in such a scenario. Palestinians and their supporters have as many faultlines as the Israelis and Zionists.

Denis MacEoin
March 1, 2009
12:33 PM

This is not about balancing two unequal sides, it's about establishing truth and acting on it. Israel is in no recognizable sense an apartheid state. No laws exist to make it one. Saudi Arabia is an apartheid state (no Jews, no non-Muslims in certain areas, etc.), Iran is an apartheid state (no members of the country's largest religious minority allowed to attend university or hold certain jobs or serve in parliament, etc.), Pakistan is an apartheid state (severe restrictions on their largest minority, the Ahmadis) -- so if you want to condemn apartheid, find somebody who fits the picture, not Israel. Again, there has been no Holocaust in Gaza, no genocide of any kind. The population of Gaza has increased by 40% since 1997, according to the Palestinian Bureau of Statistics. If you want to condemn genocide, go to Sudan or the Congo. Universities used to be places where academics tried the truth. Now many are more interested in propaganda. They have a right to criticize this or that Israeli policy or politician, but to make it a pariah state for no valid reason while ignoring countries that really do deserve condemnation is only to create a new form of anti-Semitism. Criticizing Israel is fine, but nobody criticizes Israel in a fair or objective or truthful way. Those who want to see an end to Israel can only mean one thing: another genocide, this time of a nation of Jews who uphold democracy and human rights as few countries do. Shame on anyone who believes that to be fair, decent, or moral.

March 1, 2009
01:29 PM

i agree israel is no south africa

it is worse

google bantustan

google the wall

google the treatment of occupied palestinians

March 1, 2009
01:39 PM


quit taking cues from the apologist carpetbagger leader you call Ignatieff. He forbid any members of his Liberal party (Canada) from attending rallies in support of the Palestinians of Gaza during the israeli rampage. Any sitting MP who did would not be allowed to run in the next federal election. This is a man who once ran The Carr Center for Human Rights Policy. BUT he was for the invasion of Iraq and unconditionally supports anything the israeli-zionists do to the Palestinians. None of this surprises me vijay...you do after all hold winston churchill in high regard. I don't know how you can do that as an Indian. I agree with temporal; israel is an apartheid regime.

Vinod said "Palestinians and their supporters have as many faultlines as the Israelis and Zionists."
- If both sides have made mistakes and committed atrocities on a equal level, then how do you account for the fact that only 13 israelis and over 1300 Palestinians died in during the Gaza massacre? Perhaps an Israeli life is worth more than a Palestinian life?

MacEoin, Iran does allow members of its minorities to sit in parliament. israel, unlike Pakistan, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, did/does not steal the land of its neighbours, destroy their homes and businesses with cluster bombs, take control or their water source, put up a wall that severs whole villages, etc. Minorities in Pakistan, Iran, and Saudi Arabia live in those countries. israel has occupied what is not theirs. You have defined genocide based just on the population without disregard for the maltreatment of the Palestinians by the israeli occupation.
ps. vijay, is Omar Khadr a terrorist a child soldier? why are you avoiding this question?

Amitabh Mitra
March 1, 2009
01:43 PM

Temporalji, Whats wrong with Bantustan

March 1, 2009
02:12 PM


i read somewhere vijay volunteered for ignatieff when he was parachuted earlier


are you saying that with a straight face?

read ghettoisation for bantustisation

and i hope you would not miss the irony of the former nazi-prosecuted turning into present nazi-persecutors

March 1, 2009
02:48 PM

Israeles are smart and powerful. That does not make them fair and just. Palestanians are weak and not that smart(stupid or naive) that does not make them unfair and unjust. But it does leave them open for exploitation by smart and powerful. When it comes to stupidity unwillingness to recognize existence of Israel is on the top. It is a non-starter. When one cannot deal with stupid people, one is forced to do unjust things. And I think Israel has been unjust. But perhaps they have no choice.

Look what Sadat achieved. He was smart. He knew he cannot win back his terrotory by force. Suppose he did not do that, there would have been umteen settlements there and it would have become far more difficult to get that land back. One Egyptian, thinking like palestanians do, killed him. Now see what they are doing. Gambling more and more and losing. Arafat turned down a good deal. They are unlikely to get that much now. I really do not know who blame. They are good match for each other.

March 1, 2009
05:18 PM

Vijay Sappani has appealed to the better nature of Canadians in his article. Temporal has appealed to their baser nature. If, however, the better nature of Canadians will produce false friends who eventually stab Jews in the back, better to face the nasty (but carefully covered up) Jew-hatred of people like Temporal and Bob.

At this point, the Canadian government has shown unexpected decency in its actions, boycotting the Durban II anti-Israel, Jew-hating festival of lies to be held later this year. Many Canadians are disgusted with the anti-Jewish actions of Sid Ryan in hijacking their union money to further the political agenda of those to whom he is a mere poodle.

Academics in Canada can afford to debate the nature of academic freedom. Indeed, they should, as their own freedom is on the line with the arrogant mandarins like Sid Ryan stealing their money for his agenda.

But the question for people like me, who live here in the Middle East and have to survive the possibility of war and terror is not what is right for now, but what will be right for later.

Academic freedom is nice, but security preventing an enemy from killing us is nicer. If that means facing straight up to the anti-Jewish rants of those who would attempt to isolate us (and illustrate to us that we are indeed a People to be counted apart from the run of Mankind), better to face them now and acknowledge their real enmity, rather than have to face them later after having relied on folks who will cling to "principles" rather than to their true friends.

I'm grateful for the support - but what will be the price for that support later?

March 1, 2009
08:32 PM

Ruvy said "...have to survive the possibility of war and terror..."-

your bigoted/racist/zionist/apartheid country certainly know how to dish out "war" and "terror" on a daily basis. Ruvy, I dont hate Jews, I hate israel and zionists like yourself.


I suggest that you have a look at past comments made by Ruvy on DC.

March 2, 2009
08:46 AM

Ruvy, I dont hate Jews, I hate israel and zionists like yourself.

That's okay, "Brother" Bob. I love you too.

March 2, 2009
09:52 AM

Your bigoted/racist/zionist/apartheid country certainly know how to dish out "war" and "terror" on a daily basis. Ruvy, I dont hate Jews, I hate israel and zionists like yourself.

This is the kind of whinging that habitually comes from the Jew-haters of the modern age (and the less than overbright Jews who buy this einredenish). "We don't hate Jews," they prattle. "We hate Zionists and Israel!"

Uh huh.... I saw that American asshole on You Tube screaming "Jews to the ovens!" in LA. And it wasn't just in LA. It was in Fort Lauderdale, Utrecht in the Netherlands and all over the world. Tell me another whopper.

According to Canada's National Post Campuses are awash in tension over Israel Apartheid Week From the article:

A senior YFS official, however, attributes motivations to its Israel policy. CUPE, the YFS and the Ontario chapter of the Canadian Federation of Students have all condemned Israel in stringent terms.

"They brought up this recall as a result of Gaza," Krisna Saravanamuttu, YFS vice-president of equity, said on the Web site of Excalibur, the York newspaper.

On Feb. 11, Drop YFS held a press conference to announce that it had gathered 5,000 signatures necessary to impeach the student executive of the York Federation of Students -- more than twice the number of people who voted in YFS president Hamid Osman, in an election that had a 4% turnout rate, which is extremely low for any university.

The gathering was disrupted by dozens of pro school-government protesters who wanted to enter the small room, and feeling threatened,

the leaders of the opposition fled upstairs to the lounge of Hillel, a Jewish campus group.

Outside, about 100 people waited for them, allegedly baiting and harassing those inside.

Daniel Ferman, the Hillel group's president and also part of Drop YFS, claimed that when he briefly faced the throng, he was referred to as a "dirty Jew" and "f---ing Jew."

The students inside the lounge called for help and were eventually escorted off campus by university security and Toronto police, who are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.

Another Jewish student involved in Drop YFS reported receiving a phone call during which an unidentified person threatened his life and those of his family members if he did not stop his pro-Israel activities. A potential hate crime is now being investigated by police in the area.
While one cannot say that Bob himself hates Jews - stories from all around the world give the lie to the "we are only anti-Zionist, not anti-Jewish" mantra heard over and over again as though it were some good luck charm.

Just come out and say the truth, guys. You want us all dead. We know. It's not news.

March 2, 2009
12:47 PM

the truth?

* no defined borders
* listening to one's own copyrighted god
* ghettoising and occupying lands
* being nazis to the palestinians
* treating other human beings as low life
* copyrighting victimhood
* using banned weapons to kill children
* blocading towns and territories

(under int'l law a blocade is an act of war)

...and more

March 2, 2009
01:17 PM

[personal attack and hallucinations deleted]

March 2, 2009
01:47 PM

The Jews and Hindus have only one country each for themselves. Okay, Hindus have two countries (India and Nepal). But glasses are already clinking over Nepal's demise as a barely functioning country.

Christianity and Islam practically own rest of the world. Japan and China which are primarily Buddhist/Shinto/Confucian nations, look ripe for take over by these fraternal twins.

The two conversive faiths(Xtianity $ Islam) have bloody histories in progroms against Jews and Hindus.

They are still extremely aggressive in expansion of their empires, often they fight each other over who gets to harvest the souls of rest of humanity.

Now, Judaism and Hinduism are the two major non-conversive faiths of the world. So what is the pattern we notice in international circles and the intelligentsia?

The intelligentsia-- be it liberal,conservative, academic, artistic etc -- in Christian and Muslim societies are a by-product of hate which is innate to their religions.

As Hindus and Jews tend to be naturally multicultural it makes Christian, Islamic, liberal, commie and the progressive values in contrast as redundant and hateful.

So they(the so called progressives, liberals, commies, etc) collude with Christian and Muslim fundamentalists when it comes to formulating policy and opinion against Hindus or Jews (religious or not).

March 2, 2009
08:53 PM

it seems that Vijay, the proponent of freedom and liberty who thinks we should be allowed to say what we want, practices censorship on his own blog. Hypocrite...

Ruvy, ...I wont even bother with [EDITED]

March 3, 2009
01:38 AM


March 3, 2009
01:41 AM

Posted at the Indo-Judaica Group at Facebook.

Not long ago I mentioned this Desicritics article, http://desicritics.org/2009/03/01/012817.php, on how the anti-Jewish leader of the Canadian Union of Professional Educators, Sam Ryan, passed anti-Israel resolutions and effectively hijacked its funds to make CUPE a tool of the latter-day Jew-haters in Canada. The Nazis in Germany used a similar tool help them come to power, anti-Jewish fraternities on German universities. Eventually I knew the bigoted editing policies at Desicritics.org would show themselves on the comment thread. When I invited the leading anti-Israel screed writer of the site to admit that he wanted to see Jews/Israelis/Zionists dead for he "crimes" he alleged in one of his comments on the comment thread, the entire comment was deleted as "hallucinatory".

Let's be clear here. I have no problem with people attacking me or my views - but when their attacks are allowed to pass and my answers are deleted by anonymous editors, this ceases to be a site I respect.

March 3, 2009
02:26 AM

While the CUPE and the Canadian Federation of Students pursues an updated version of the Jew-hatred pursued by the judenhasser academics in Germany in the 1910's and 1920's, a Pakistani based Moslem terror group operates paramilitary training camps all over the United States

So, while Arabs and their running dogs spread Jew-hatred through their "Israel Apartheid Week" in North America, these Moslems prepare the next Mumbai - in the States!

March 3, 2009
11:55 AM

""CUPE Canada is Anti Peace and Pro-Hate""

yeah right! and night is day and vice versa.

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