A Genocide Sri Lanka is Proud to Talk About on Camera

February 28, 2009
Vijay Sappani

This is a Shocking Video. The Sri Lankan defence minister who in the past has attacked media personal for writing against the government human rights violations, threatened to throw out diplomats, BBC, CNN for reporting the facts about the humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka has now gone on camera to say that " attacking hospitals that are in rebel area are fine and they are legitimate targets even if they full of civilians"

Now how do you expect the Tamil civilians to cross over to the Government side when the racist Sinhalese openly vow to annihilate the Tamil race on camera. How do you expect the LTTE to lay down their arms and sit down for talks with the SriLankan government, when they say it is OK to target hospitals full of injured civilians from the government shelling.

It is these very same racists who called Allan Rock a 'white Tiger' because he exposed human rights violations by the government during his trip to that country when he was with UN.

A genocide SriLanka is proud to talk about on camera from Senthu on Vimeo.

Vijay Sappani is a toronto based political and community activist. Articulate in policy issues, Vijay is well versed in national and international issues and advises many organizations in Canada. You can read more about him at www.vijaysappani.com or contact him at vijaysappani@gmail.com
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A Genocide Sri Lanka is Proud to Talk About on Camera


Author: Vijay Sappani


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February 28, 2009
07:56 AM

Vijay Sappani a PRO LTTE terrorist
shame oN YOU .....

how can you defend the GENOCIDE COMMITED BY THE NAZY LTTE AGAINST indigenous SINHALA , adn muslim peoples ????

how can you defend the childsoldiers( "young eelamist brigade") used by the LTTE ???

how can you defend THE ILLEGAL OCCUPATION OF LTTE of the HOLY and ONLY ONE Sinhala homeland ??

how can you defend THE MYTICAL and FAKE HOMELAND CONCEPT OF TAMILS terrorist ??

you know like everybody that its an impossible ambition . if not sinhaess will also claim ITALY AS "THEIR HOMELAND"

you know that sinhaess are too strong, you can never win over them , history show that , ALL sinhela KINGS kiked out ALL ILLEGAL TAMIL cholas INVADORS from SRI LANKA ..

now just same think happened , but our "king" are His .exelency Mahinda.Rajapaksa , HON Gotabaya,and LT GENERAL Sarath Fonseka . AGAINST the NAZY CHOLAS invadors called PRABAKARAN .

February 28, 2009
08:13 AM

I'm not sure if there was sarcasm or seriousness in the last comment.

Vijay S
February 28, 2009
08:14 AM

You are just reinforcing to the world, what I have written!

February 28, 2009
09:53 AM

Vijay Sappani,

what do you got to say about LTTE attacks on Sinhalese and Muslim civilians ?

Now don't tell me that Tamils only have Human Rights and all the others (except Tamils and their White masters) don't have any Human Rights !

I'll give you one simple formula
no LTTE = no war = no dead civilians

Can you see the root ?

February 28, 2009
11:18 AM

These people need to learn more about the concept of war. Do you seriously think the war would end even if the LTTE is finished?

Mayadum- can you please write properly- your attempts at racial slurs are futile at best. You sound very insecure- Tamils occupying the land of the Sinhala? It does not work that way- read about US history.

I am so glad people like you have no political power- but then again I am wrong. You have the UN security council whose purpose is to maintain peace, stop war crimes (yes going after rebels at the expense of civilians is against the Geneva convention) and stopping genocide. Yet, UN fails in all these categories until after the fact.

And your leader Rajapska is just a muppet for Russia and China.

Vijay S
February 28, 2009
12:15 PM


I oppose the use of violence to exhibit ones frustration. I oppose of the use of violence by the Tigers, I have no second thoughts on it.

the LTTE is in a armed struggle, but what did the Tamils in hill country do that they are still discriminated in Sri Lanka!!

1 million third generation tamils in srilana were made stateless and deported to India because they were tamils!

Tamils are still be oppressed in the East, the so called Liberated region ?

The Sinhalese oppress Tamils and the simple easy formula to defeat the Tigers is to give equal rights to Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Treat them like humans not slaves. Is that too much to ask ?

February 28, 2009
12:58 PM

Thanks Vijay, for bringing such a video to people like me who were not sure about few things. No other proof is needed about the clear efforts of SriLankan govt to wipe out Tamils. When you cant handle the situation you cluster bomb the issue itself - wow! Great people Sinhales are, to select such leaders.

Amrit Roy
February 28, 2009
01:18 PM

Tamils can cry, scream and whine all they want. Their terrorism and violence have got them nothing but heartache, pain and suffering. You get what you give. Tamils have provided more suicide bombers to the world than all the Muslim groups combine. Something to be real proud of.

February 28, 2009
03:18 PM

You talk about government sponsored terrorsim, there comes Amrit to support it :) Bravo!

February 28, 2009
05:12 PM

it is so sad to see the brother of contry's president giving susch a statement. Please friends who write the comments, pay attention on the issue. It is well known that the Tamils are descriminated in many ways which caused the bith of LTTE. Many of the LTTE's actions were not acceptable. Mean time Sri Lankan goverments also have systematically refuse to resolve issue and they all have forgotton the value of the beutiful country. Even now what are the thought process of senior officers such as Sarath Fonseka, Gotebaya Rajapakshe? Talking none sense and showing extreme hateness on entire Tamil community and claiming the country belongs to the Sinhalaese only! These kind of narrow thoughts process played major role in destroying the country to this level. If the rights of the Tamils including upcountry Tamils were recognized and implemented, current situations never would have been existed. Still the purpose of the government is not on solving the problem but to completeley wiping out Tamils from the nation. If they have real intention to resolve the problem, why they don't they do it right now. If they do so (not as per Sinhalese and buddhist monks satisfaction)LTTE will automatically lose their support from Tamil community.

The news, such as Tamil women are forced to do abortion, secret slave camp, civilians in camp are not permited to go out and facing so many hardshps, planing to keep the civilians for years in camps not to allow to resettle in their own places etc, fom Tamils area are totally acceptable and against the human rights.

Thank you

Seevalie Silva
February 28, 2009
06:25 PM

This is an article by a misguided individual. The author appears to have been fed a lot of propaganda material by Pro LTTE information sources and individuals who spread lies, so that this war can drag on for another few decades and the LTTE can keep their flow of income from the fools who fund them in the west whilst enjoying luxury living in Air Conditioned accommodation. Also the NGO's benefit by keeping their jobs and income from the west. The few MP's who are depending on the Tamil vote in the west/ Canada will benefit by trying to come to the rescue of the LTTE in their final hour. I am not sure what the author means by Tamils are suffering in the eastern province. My understanding is that it was the LTTE who massacred 14 or 16 poorest Sinhalese farmers after shooting indiscriminately at them and sent another dozen or so to hospital with serious injuries in Inginiyagala in the eastern province a week ago. Has the author even being to Sri Lanka or ever researched the other side of the conflict before writing quite a single sided story? When the LTTE began this war there were many Sinhalese and Muslims living amongst the Tamils in Jaffna. They were ethnically cleansed and driven away by the Tamil terrorists after looting their property. This could be called Genocide. There were several village and religious place massacres over the last two and a half decades by the Tamil Terrorists against Muslims and Sinhalese. They have murdered two leaders of democratic countries and many other Tamil political leaders who did not agree with LTTE viewpoint so by default they can claim they are the sole voice of the Tamil people. No Tamil in their right mind will speak against the LTTE now, unless if they are highly suicidal. One of their victims was the Indian Prime minister and another was the Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka who is a very well educated and well-respected Tamil. If he continued we could have seen at least the first Tamil prime minister of Sri Lanka or who knows even the president. I would have gladly voted for this finest statesman over all the Sinhalese politicians in this case and I know many others who would have. What a waste, the LTTE have wiped out almost a whole generation of non-LTTE politicians or educated Tamils in Sri Lanka. They have physically and psychologically destroyed the lives and minds of a generation of Tamil children. It's hard not to fault the leaders and the society of Sri Lanka when you look at root causes of the LTTE terrorism.

However, Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslims live together in the rest of the country. Most of Colombo businesses are owned by Tamils or Muslims. About one third of Colombo are ethnic Tamils. A lot of Tamils come to Colombo, the Sri Lankan capital in search of work from the north. This is how very easily a suicide bomber can get in to Colombo. I am sure there are many sleeper cells operating in Colombo waiting for their signal.
Despite all the massacres, bombings of Sinhalese people by the LTTE, the Sinhalese people in the south have lived side by side with their Tamil neighbours in Colombo for the last twenty five years. How long do you want them to hide and suppress their racism that the author claims that Sinhalese people have! 25 years is half adult life of a person. Sinhalese people should get an academy award for their acting for acting a role of being non-racist when their ethnic identity is challenged by a group of delusional individuals who has managed to brainwash (and make paranoid) a generation of Tamils with their delusions and lies. If you have ever been to Sri Lanka and lived amongst them you would have found that almost all Sinhalese Buddhists are the most gentle and non-violent people as an ethnic group in comparison with other ethnic groups.

The author and the readers will also find that there are other statements made by this government official and others in the present administration that states that the SL forces are taking utmost care to protect civilians who are currently forcefully held by the LTTE as a human shield. I am sure that the author would not deny the many-documented evidence of the incidences of LTTE shooting at civilians trying to escape to the government side for protection.

With regard to the comment about Sinhalese people electing the current president. If you look at historical records you will find that he was LTTE's choice of president. Knowing that the vote was a close contest between Rajapakse and the UNP candidate, the LTTE banned/ prevented the population in the LTTE controlled areas from voting. A brave (or some may said suicidal) man went over to vote and the LTTE chopped off his hands on return home. You will find that there were other violence against the few who went to or intended to exercise their democratic right to vote. Tyres were burning by the LTTE side exits as a warning to people who were planning to go over to vote. So this resulted in almost no voting by the Tamils in the north and east under the control of LTTE. They would have voted for the UNP candidate who was seen as being soft on the LTTE and a moderate. This resulted in the election of the current president. It is interesting what the LTTE wanted to achieve by his victory though. The UNP accused (before the election) that Rajapakse of bribing the LTTE to get him elected though. Regarding the same comment, most Sinhalese, Muslims and Tamils are fed up with this long terrorist problem in Sri Lanka. The ordinary people have been suffering in a country that had a very good economic potential in the early 80's. They are fed up of this struggle and the politicians and the LTTE dragging this war for decades for their own benefit. That's why they have voted for this president. The human rights violations by this government and the LTTE are carried out against all ethnic groups and not just Tamil people. Why do you think 1/3 of Colombo (Tamils) continue to live there. This genocide label that they are trying to attach to the SL government is a joke and an insult to populations in the world who have been the subject of Genocide.

The first comment in this forum baffles me. I have never met a Sinhalese person with such extremist views and the use of capitals to attract attention to certain parts is interesting. I am suspicious whether this is an attempt to discredit Sinhalese by a blogger who is not Sinhalese but by a blogger who is a LTTE sympathiser. Of course I cannot be certain and if he or she is or not Sinhalese, I can only ask him/her however frustrated or angry by the crimes committed by the LTTE or pro-LTTE articles, please try never to lose your Sinhalese values and try to keep your cool. Your comment about the invaders from South India; yes the Sinhalese Kings kept winning against these invaders, but they never annihilated the enemy who survived the battle like most ancient civilisations of other ethnicities did. Of course if they have ignored the "respect for human rights" of the enemies even in those days, Sri Lanka's ethnic composition would have looked very different now.

Every war has civilian casualties. It is estimated the Iraq war has taken 100,000 civilians and it is still counting over the last few years. The Tamil Tiger terrorist menace has claimed the lives of 70,000 people of all ethnicities before the recent hostilities started. If the current war results in an end to the LTTE menace with a few civilian casualties due to LTTE's current irresponsible conduct (i.e. human shield, firing from civilian settlements, and from hospitals) and avoid another 25 years of suffering for 20 million people and another 70,000 deaths along the way some may argue that the current action may be for the best in the long term. Whilst the LTTE is in the picture there can be no peace in Sri Lanka due to their extreme ideology and extreme demands.

Also what is never reported are the thousands and thousands of fatalities to the SL forces. They are fighting face-to-face pitched battles at present using small arms as they cannot use artillery any more due to the human shield of the LTTE. SL forces are trying to protect the lives of innocent Tamils at the greatest cost to themselves.

Once the war is over the government must consult all moderate Tamil leaders and make all necessary changes to ensure that all ethnic groups feel they are equal to others. There should be more ethnic integration as well. Unfortunately minorities will generally have a sense of descrimination when they see through that ideology, weather there is evidence to support their views or not. I should know as I belong to the minority, living in the west.

February 28, 2009
09:42 PM

Moronf of sri lankan sinhalas:

You all are terrorists by calling sri lanka is a budist country and sinhala is the only language.

You morons on this planet called sri lanka are known to the world as WAR MONGERS!!!! YOu DAMN sinhala race race killed and killing now TAMILS in THOUSANDS using your TERRORIST GOVERNMENTS THAT REPRESENT YOU ALL USING NAZI ARMED FORCES USING INDIAN HINDIAN POLITICIAN TERRORISTS OF THE MODERN WORLD -man mohan singh, sonia ghandi family, tamil nadu karunanithi family, pranb muharjee, indian ambosodor in sri lanka - along with iranians, pakis, chinese, israelis.

YOU sri lankan murderers are now JOINED THE NAZI CLUB.....NAZIS rajapakses family and army commander sarath fonseka are counting their days and will face what SADAM HUSEIN of IRAQ faced ONE DAY!!!

All of the people - sonia ghandhi, man mohan singh, pranab muharjee, karunanithi of TAMIL NADU, man mohan singh, rajapakse family in sri lanka, army commander in sri lanka sarath fonseka, and other NAZI sri lankan govenment thugs ALL MUST BE SENTENCED TO DEATH PENALTY BY WORLD COURTS.....IT WILL LEAVE THE WORLD FOR HUMANBEINGS...NOT FOR TERRORIST sri lanka, hindia, pakistani, chinese, israelis, iranians for EVER.

THESE TERRORISTS MUST BE SENTENCED TO DEATH PENALTY for killing, looting, raping, and for many
atrocities under their full control in TAMIL AREAS in sri lanka!!!!!!


close to three thousand indian armed hindian inteligence RAW agents and NAZI hindi speaking armed forces are involved in raping, killing innocent tamil children and women and refugees with sri lankan forces, according to news,




February 28, 2009
09:52 PM

Macha Vijay, what are the equal rights which Tamils don't enjoy and only Sinhalese enjoy ?

Only right I can see is that the Sri Lankan President has to be a Sinhalese Buddhist and no Tamil can be elected as the president.

Do you know any else than that ?

February 28, 2009
10:27 PM

My dear friend Seevalie Silva,
You have tried to write the comment to show your self as person who concern about Tamils issue and sympathy towards humanitarian violation. But your entire comment is the reflection of your wrong vision of the real issue. You have mentioned that you were not happy about 1st comment. And you started your comment about the author of the article saying he was influenced by the pro LTTE propaganda! with your starting point you lost your credibility and your entire article based on your anti LTTE and anti Tamil view. But you were trying to be none sided person. All your criticism on LTTE is based on government's news release. There are so many incidents, killings,rapes on Tamil community sponsered by the Sri Lankan governments. Do you know there were lot of killings were organized by government and just simply made the world to beleive that was the work of LTTE (of course LTTE has history of killing, that does not mean every wrong thing done by them) Rajiv murder truth were spelled out by some jounalist in India and still Indian government did take any action against them but continue to blame LTTE! sinhalese villages are killed by whom? Who said that it was by LTTE? The government! It could be the work of the government to make the world to blame LTTE & to destroy the growing sympathy of suffering tamils.Just like they planted the bomb on schoolbus some time ago but pass the blame on LTTE. I honour LTTE for their freedom fight efforts but I condem them for their brutal killing of politicians and none LTTE supporters in the early days of their path. You my friend do not take just what government say that LTTE using human shield and other blames. If so why don't you recommond the Sri Lankan government to allow journalist and international observors to the area to find the truth? To find out if they really fired on fleeing civilians etc. Sad thing is You do not even say a word about Gothabaya Rajapakshe's justification of shelling on hospitals in that area! but you want to show others that you are really concern about human violation and you wanted use the critical word "terrorism". What terrorism? Terrorism is interpreted and used incorrectley in term of Tamils issue in the country by many people,authorities around the world. Do not tried to claim the country belong to sinhalese only from ancient time. Do not forget sinhalese history.

February 28, 2009
10:30 PM


What difference can be between two citizens of the same land can have?

Morons!!!!!.....don't argue on your idiotic ideologies in 21st century...other CITIZENS of this PLANET are watching you ALL...DAMN MORON TERRORISTS!!!!



February 28, 2009
10:43 PM


Fellow PEACE LOVING CITIZENS, if you know a lovely language called TAMIL language, please try to publish the contents of this article in another lovely language ENGLISH from www.pathivu.com that clearly shows the NAZI sri lankan government's attrocities supported by hindians, chinese, israelis, pakis, iranians along with the help of hindian government's TERRORISTS, man mohan singh, pranab muharjee, karunanithi family, sonia gandhi familiy, mentioned above!!!


This article talks about women, men & children who are separated by armed forces (hindian and sri lankan armed forces are working in TAMIL areas) for rape and killing.

TERRORIST indiann govenmrnt and sri lankan governments must be charged against GENOCIDE and all of them MUST BE SENTENCED TO DEATH FOR WORLD PEACE!!!!THAT IS THE FINAL SOLUTION TO THIS MISSERY THEASE sri lankan and indian governments caused to innocent TAMIL CHILDREN, MOTHERS, SISTERS, FATHERS and BROTHERS in TERRORIST sri lanka!!!



February 28, 2009
11:29 PM

Tamils are just whiners.

Tamil terrorists themselves killed Sri Lanka's TAMIL foreign minister Lakshman Kadirgamar. Freedom fighters my foot. Tamil terrorists have been murdering and butchering their own people and continue to do so by targeting civilians who are trying to flee from the LTTE. THeir attacks on Singhalese and Muslims needs no mention. Tamils have killed their own political leaders and thinkers such as Amirthalingam, Yogeswaran, Thiruchelvam. Add to the list of Tamil achivements such as suicide bombers, child soldiers, credit card fraud, extortion, gang crime, prostitution, killings, bombings and total lack of democracy. More evidence of the "5000 year old glorious culture" that Tamils keep harping on about.

February 28, 2009
11:40 PM

Damn Morons in these forums:

Why do you deviate from GENOCIDAL activity of a government and its suporters to talk about your bullshit!!!!





March 1, 2009
01:39 AM

Tamils have no one else to blame for their ills but themselves. The LTTE can save many Tamil lives by letting the civilians go but they are only interested in using them as human shields. Tamils must let go of their facism and hatred towards others if they are interested in peace.

K de Silva
March 1, 2009
03:05 AM

Mr. Rajasinghe, i am a Sinhala who lived in Colombo during the 83 pogram against the Tamils. We can say that Tamils have equal rights, but will the government ever lead a 83 like pogram against the Sinhalease. The fact remains that Tamils are made to feel insecure and second class citizens of our country. Until we see through this and give them equal status, we will never have peace. Equal rights is about equal security. When last I visited Trinco, i saw how government will provide compensation to Sinhalease affected by the war. The Tamils get no such compensation. This is not equality.

I am sorry, but even as a Sinhalease, I feel that Sri Lanka doesn't provide equality to Tamils.


March 1, 2009
05:49 AM

As a rational thinking Sinhalese of this country I am with lots and lots of heart pain observe all these comments unable to do anything to put a full stop. Who is dying in the wra zone?

March 1, 2009
05:59 AM

As a rational thinking Sinhalese of this country I am with lots and lots of heart pain observe all these comments unable to do anything to put a full stop. Who is dying in the wra zone?

March 1, 2009
06:17 AM

Regardless whether it is Sinhalese, Tamil, or Muslim, any armed uprising against the people of Sri Lanka will be countered with legitimate powers by the government of Sri Lanka. Use of lethal force through the defence forces is one such option the Sri Lankan government has. The only way one can change the government is by an election as per the constitution of Sri Lanka. This is why the GOSL, despite its flaws, can't be equated to the LTTE. When people get tired of the government they can throw it out by the power of the ballot. Tamils had an oppportunity to use their ballot to vote in a party that was interested in dialogue with the LTTE at the last presidential elections but they threw their vote away.

Currently Sri Lanka is facing one of the deadliest terrorist force the world, the only terror group that has assasinated two heads of state - the LTTE. They have had conventional military capabilities including air and naval capabilities. Ask other countries around the world what they would do if they are faced with the same threat.

The LTTE needs to release all Tamil civilians it is holding in the little piece of real estate in currently controls. Look at the rest of Sri Lanka, Tamils are not being killed willy nilly. They are living peacefully with the Sinhalese and Muslims. Tamil civilians are dying because of the LTTE's intransigence.

March 1, 2009
06:19 AM

Regardless whether it is Sinhalese, Tamil, or Muslim, any armed uprising against the people of Sri Lanka will be countered with legitimate powers by the government of Sri Lanka. Use of lethal force through the defence forces is one such option the Sri Lankan government has. The only way one can change the government is by an election as per the constitution of Sri Lanka. This is why the GOSL, despite its flaws, can't be equated to the LTTE. When people get tired of the government they can throw it out by the power of the ballot. Tamils had an oppportunity to use their ballot to vote in a party that was interested in dialogue with the LTTE at the last presidential elections but they threw their vote away.

Currently Sri Lanka is facing one of the deadliest terrorist force the world, the only terror group that has assasinated two heads of state - the LTTE. They have had conventional military capabilities including air and naval capabilities. Ask other countries around the world what they would do if they are faced with the same threat.

The LTTE needs to release all Tamil civilians it is holding in the little piece of real estate it currently controls. Look at the rest of Sri Lanka, Tamils are not being killed. They are living peacefully with the Sinhalese and Muslims and going about their lives. Tamil civilians are dying in the north of the country because of the LTTE's intransigence.

March 1, 2009
10:28 AM

Mr.K.de Silva
I would like to remind you that in 1989 and 1971 it was the Sinhalese youth who got killed by the govt.(I know that those 2 incidents and 83 are not same)

I don't know about those days much (80s) but I'll give you one example on how Govt. provides security to Tamils.
Do you remember the last bomb blast which took place in Moratuwa. It was done by a Moratuwa Uni Tamil student. The majority Sinhala crowd in that area were getting restless at that time, so the govt. send police to the University hostel and took all the Tamil students to a secure place under fully armed protection.
24 Sinhalese got killed by that bomb but none of the Tamil students were harmed(some of them may have been involved in that bomb blast)were harmed.

That was a personal experience of mine, because I live in Moratuwa.

What I can see is that the LTTE is not fighting for equal rights, they are fighting for superior rights for Tamils. Which will end up destroying Sri Lanka's future.

March 1, 2009
07:06 PM

Well, any sensible person would condemn the person in the video for having said what he said. Others will talk about every thing else that is happening in Sri Lanka to divert the attention and save the irresponsible politicians and officials of Sri Lanka.

When the Sinhalese and their supporters stop ignoring the nonsense of the present Sri Lankan government, they will earn some respect and might be able to lead the nation on to a sensible path.

I have no hope of any thing of that sort happening in Sri Lanka from what i see in the news and by reading the comments posted here by Sinhalese and their supporters.

March 2, 2009
03:06 AM


Morons of the ASIA HINDIAN INDIANS are day dreaming on becoming the worlds fist NAZI regiment after WORLD WAR II by killing innocent TAMILS by HELPING TERRORIST COUNTRY SRI LANKA!!!!!





March 2, 2009
04:56 AM

There may be a time, even SriLankans will be killed like this for union acts or something similar and then politicians may go to justify it based on the past. Will SriLankan's agree on that then ? The question you should ask yourself is, how long will it take for them to take the same act on SriLankans ? Cant we see Pakistan doing it to their own politicians, democracy ?

Stop Sri Lankan Genocide on Tamils
March 2, 2009
08:39 AM

This Nazi Sinhalese Sri Lankan government is doing all kind of human right abuses against the Tamils. The right of the Tamils are being denied. The Government forces invaded Tamil Eelam and doing inhuman activities.
1.Independent Journalists are not allowed in Tamil EElam.
2. If a journalist write the truth, he/she will be harassed, arrested /& abducted, tortured/&raped then killed.
3. Fleeing Civilians are arrested by Sri Lankan forces and put them into concentration camps, where they have been denied the free of speech, free to go out, free to do any kind of activity on their own. Separate the young Tamils and bring the girls for sexual abuses by the Sri Lankan Army forces( with support of the Government) and tortured, then tortured and kill the young men.
4. Children are also separated and doing sexual abused and killed.
These all are being under reported and UN is sleeping to do the proper thing to help the needy unlucky Tamil people to go free from the Terrorist Government of SRI Lanka.

March 2, 2009
10:13 PM


March 3, 2009
02:18 AM


March 3, 2009
02:38 AM


March 3, 2009
07:07 AM

who killed bandranaike and vijay kumaratunga?
Sinhalese people killed their own politicians

how can it be LTTE propoganda when the words are coming from the Defence secretary's own mouth. Is it really and LTTE impersonator of the Ghotabaya very unlikely.

If it is LTTE propoganda why did the defence secretary agree to the interview?

Clealry even in the first comment genocide is the only thing on the sinhala people's minds. They do not care for the Buddha as long as they can kill tamils. You claim to be buddhists but you can only resort to violence since independence just because the sinhala nation is envious of the tamil potential that made Ceylon greater than Singapore on the day of independence. But Since sinhala control the country clealry has moved backwards where it cannot even support itself. Where the government begs the sinhala emmigrants in western countries for funds.

March 4, 2009
12:29 AM


indian RAW agency of indian government (NAZI CRIMINALS) terrorised in another terrorist state pakistan (shot at the bus) which shipped lethal weopans to another terrorist state sri lanka. indian government NAZI criminals are trying to play a nasty game like killing innocent TAMILS in sri lanka.



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