Movie Review: Siddhaarth - The Prisoner

February 27, 2009

Are you looking for something new, away from the regular Bollywood trash. You will find what you are seeking in this spiritually satisfying movie.

Siddharth Roy (Rajat Kapoor) has been just released from the prison. Prior to his prison stint, he was a famous writer. He desires to reconcile with his estranged wife Maya. Aspiring to regain his literary reputation, he writes a manuscript.

Unfortunately, in a cyber café it gets exchanged with the mob’s money loaded bag.

With this development life takes a dramatic turn for Siddharth. He frantically searches for the lost manuscript but is reconciled with his three-year-old son. Money doesn’t interest him but he desires for the custody of his son.

Meanwhile café manager Sachin comes under pressure from mob to find the money. He loses his job and is forced to go underground.

The film takes its theme of renunciation of desire as the right path to enlightenment and freedom from the ancient text of Rig Veda. It is also a tribute to Albert Camus’ 1942 classic “The Stranger” (L’Eltranger). It is a journey to freedom of the inner self from life’s complexities.

Now coming to the performances, Rajat Kapoor is in a class of his own. He stands apart. He is surely an actor to watch out for. He carries the movie singly on his able shoulders.

His look is inspired by Che Guevara, the Latin American revolutionary. His performance is flawless. Watch his facial expressions. You will feel his pain as your own. It will move you.

Have you experienced something like this in a long time while watching the usual Bollywood fare? No! Then go for it…in a big way. It’s a must watch class fare. You will come out enlightened.

Banner: Vistaar Religare Film Fund; Walkwater Media; Alliance Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Executive Producer / Co-Producer: Pryas Gupta, Rohan Gupta, Sandeep Hooda
Director: Pryas Gupta
Star Cast: Rajat Kapoor (Siddharth Roy), Sachin Nayak, Pradeep Kabra, Pradip Sagar
Music Director: Sagar Desai
Cinematography: Mrinal Desai
Editor: Pryas Gupta, Arindam Ghatak
Screenplay: Pryas Gupta
Dialogue: Pryas Gupta, Hitesh Kewalia
Costume: Isha Ahluwalia, Jeneva Talwar
Story / Writer: Pryas Gupta
Duration: 1 hour 34 minutes

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Movie Review: Siddhaarth - The Prisoner


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