BAFTA Stays Predictable, Slumdog Millionaire Wins Seven Awards

February 08, 2009
Aaman Lamba

If It's A Wonderful Life came to epitomize the Great Depression, will Slumdog Millionaire be the icon for the Great Recession? It sure seems that way, with audiences and critics around the world taking the movie to heart. All the same, longevity and cinema memory are about more than staying power or critical acclaim. It might perhaps be more appropriate to compare the film with that other sleeper hit, Trainspotting.

When things become too predictable, it might time to shake them up a bit. It is not yet that time on the movie awards circuit, with the Orange British Academy Film Awads (BAFTA) going mostly as expected. Slumdog Millionaire took away most of the big awards, from Best Film, Director, Adapted Screenplay, to Sound Editing and Music, seven in all. Dev Patel lost to Mickey Rourke for his superlative role in The Wrestler, and Kate Winslet was recognized once again for her hamhanded inability to read in The Reader. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button received three minor awards for Production Design, Makeup (naturally!), and Hair, while the other big non-surprise of the evening was Heath Ledger's posthumous win for Dark Knight.

One could almost hear a few expletives from the Dark Knight himself, although there were enough on stage, from Mickey Rourke to that other Mick, Sir Jagger, who presented the Best Film award to Danny Boyle for Slumdog Millionaire.

Interesting awards went to In Bruges for Best Screenplay, an Academy Fellowship to Terry Gilliam, and the Orange Rising Star Award to Noel Clarke. Pinewood Studios was recognized for its seminal contribution to cinema, and much fun was had.

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BAFTA Stays Predictable, Slumdog Millionaire Wins Seven Awards


Author: Aaman Lamba


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February 9, 2009
12:10 AM

aaman- it too valentine to oust slumdog from fave comments!

February 9, 2009
09:09 PM

Slumdog is an idiotic movie with poor acting and a poor story line. The second hour of the movie was dreadful and intolerable. The incredible Irfan Khan's talents have never been as miused before. Dev Patel's nomination for the BAFTAs was a disgrace and thankfully he did not win. Frieda Pinto was an absolute disaster. The idea that a game show contest could be arrested overnight in modern India is unbelievable, moreso for a movie that at some level claims to show reality. It is incomprehensible that Anil Kapoor of 'Mashal/Tejaab' fame could have come out with such a sorry performance. His disgraceful behaviour in attempting to ride on the success of the movie is embarassing. AR Rehman has done a zillion songs and music better than slumdog and yet it is possible he would actual win an oscar, strange. Lastly but not the least, the logic behind the answers for many of the questions was crazy and the idea that he leaves everything for the girl and then manages to find her fairly quickly in a hell hole like Mumbai is even stranger. No wonder that this crap of a movie which has been liked by the affluent across the world and India was rejected in its desi version. The only saving grace is the little kid who played the role of kid Jamal. He was brilliant and it was his 30 minutes that was thoroughly enjoyable.

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