MTV Roadies: Departure Of The Shrew

February 03, 2009
Deepti Lamba

Karma is not a bitch but a cat, and the cat decided to take the Roadies women to task on the latest episode of MTV Rajasthani Roadies (Recession seems to have hit MTV hard since there is no whiff of down and under).

The rope walking task was amusing when Bumpy (director) gorilla Baba lost his balance; he took down the entire bamboo structure, whooped and swung from the rope calling for Tarzan. The Roadies on the tight rope were a boring watch.

The task was merely there for the sake of having an activity. The main watch was the simmering tension between the roadies who voted one of the members out. Politics was played, counter politics was played and the captain (Gurmeet aka Palak) of the team Brats despite her best efforts to keep her ass safe found her booty being voted out by the gang. She got her just desserts.

She bitched against some women, praised other players, got hugged by Roadies who were guilt stricken and cried along with them like little drama queens and then finally Palak made an exit Trump style.

But the politicking didn't come to an end there. When both the teams were to pick a name of a team member to be voted out Brats picked Kiri who they never cared for much. A whiff of racism could be sniffed in that decision. Kiri being a North Easterner isn't adept in Hindi and for that reason he was always on the fringes of the group.

Though no one really took Kiri's trip neither did they make friends with him in the Brats team.

However, when Kiri moved from Brats to OmBlues there was a change in the air. Since Bobby's name had also cropped up in the voting out list there was some bad blood between the girls.

There was a schism in the Brats team whereas the OmBlues seemed to be heartened with departure of Palak and filled with hope with the addition of Kiri.

One thing is for sure, except for airheaded Paulami and the docile Samrat, the rest of the neurotic crowd is sure to provide us with continued fireworks.

But what I would really like to know from MTV is whatever happened to shooting in Australia? Yeah Raghu, Udaipur is beautiful but a promise is a promise. Give us Australia!

Deepti Lamba is a writer, an editor for Desicritics. She can be found at Things That Bang
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MTV Roadies: Departure Of The Shrew


Author: Deepti Lamba


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February 4, 2009
12:28 AM

You know who is the biggest airhead here? It's Raghu who thinks no end himself. Why does he feel whatever he says is the Bible? The other day I saw him on a debate on the Mangalore incident on a popular news channel. Though he was against whatever happened in the pub and his opponent was a really old and equally old viewed man ( I don't know if he's a politician or what!) believe me, this Raghu was screaming from the beginning till end. Every moment I felt his lungs and intestine would just come out of his mouth ! The day he learns to argue in a civilized manner he will redeem himself. Till then he will continue using this as a weapon.

February 4, 2009
12:31 AM

Also I don't really think Samrat is docile. He's a strong guy but seems to very well mannered and civilzed among the bunch of hooligans.

Deepti Lamba
February 4, 2009
02:03 AM

Sea, yes, Samrat is a cultured guy. Its seems anyone with a lick of decency will come across as 'docile' when compared to these rowdies.

As per Raghu, how he acts on the television may not be how he behaves in real life. This just may be another marketing stunt to promote his shows and his 'Roadies' image.

February 22, 2009
11:37 PM

Burn Roadies Burn !

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