Book Review: Head First Statistics

November 15, 2008
Ganadeva Bandyopadhyay

Head First Statistics is more a study guide covering basic topics of most statistics courses or even parts of statistical topics in application areas such as analog and digital communication, noise theory. Measuring central tendency, measuring variability and spread, calculating probabilities, using various distributions for solving problems, correlation and regression are some of the topics covered across fifteen chapters.

While the discussion is paced to be reader friendly, there seems to be an emphasis on distributions with entire chapters dedicated to some of them. The quality of the examples can do with some upgrading for a consistency within the book. Maybe lesser number of useful examples such as the one bringing out the various statistical concepts related to measuring central tendency in improving a health club could be continued across multiple chapters. This could ensure the continuity as the concepts build on one another.

To summarize, a good statistics study book with an emphasis on distributions. It would be good to see some of the other statistical concepts to be given more coverage in future editions. At least one other book which can be an additional read to this book would be Statistics in a Nutshell.

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