Cricket Eclipsing Commonwealth Youth Games

October 17, 2008

Now that Sachin has crawled over Lara's world record, India celebrates another individual achievement.A player, who I would have loved to love, but absolutely hate when on the field for his penchant for records, and his struggle to even achieve them, beginning with the world record number of centuries (his 35th way back in 2005). Unlike the most simple batsman the world has seen in Virender Sehwag, who believes a ball has to be hit, even if the batsman is on 199 or 299, Sachin always watched and crawled his way to his milestones.

Just look at his record in the past 3 years :

Since and including his record breaking matches (record no. of centuries, and record runs)

Matches : 28*
Innings : 49
Runs* : 1850
Average in this period : 41.11

Without including his record breaking matches (record no. of centuries, and record runs)

Matches : 26
Innings : 46
Runs* : 1637
Average in this period : 38.96

Sachin's record during this period has fallen from 57.06 to 54.02. Clearly, an average of around 40, with 5 centuries in 3 years does put him in the company of fab four and not the elite list of a Ponting or Lara. No wonder, questions over his retirements have been coming from all corners and will continue to do so until he hangs up his boots.

Sachin may have achieved his highest milestone, but he can never ever dispute his miserable record at winning games for India, even after India had Dravid, Laxman, Ganguly and Sehwag in the ranks in the past decade. Nineteen years of great batsmanship, but with only 2 centuries worthy of being called match winning ones (155 in 1998 against Australia, 126 against Australia in 2001) in his entire career of 39 centuries. In this moment of cheer which many in India would be celebrating, I find it difficult to be part of this. Sorry Sachin. This record, was just another milestone for another ad spree, eh ?

With his subtle outburst of stones into milestones, he has admitted what many critics were always thinking. Sachin is a man for records. And that's what he has played for through his life. So, will the media now start calling the fab four as fab 3? BECAUSE Sachin has something which the others don't hold? Well, whatever I say, India still remains hype driven and Sachin's milestone is all over the press.

Does the media or the rest of the nation know that there is a Commonwealth Youth Games (CYG) going on in India? How many know that India is way ahead in the medals tally in the CYG currently underway in Pune? No mean feat this, with other giants like Britain behind India in medals tally. Does India realise what this means to Indian Sport and the Commonwealth Games in 2010? Indian media should grow up and not just complain about the IOC and its bureaucracy. Instead the media should highlight the CYG, just like they did the Olympics, and urge India, the IOC, SAI to look forward to the Commonwealth Games in 2010, and make India a sporting superpower. If India and its media do not grab this CYG moment of glory, 3 medals at an Olympics may remain as India's best medal haul for many more Olympics to come.

Note : All the above cricketing details are pertaining to Test Matches Alone. Stats Courtesy : HowSTAT!

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Cricket Eclipsing Commonwealth Youth Games


Author: sufferingsocrates


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October 17, 2008
03:37 PM

Read the sentence --> Sachin's record during this period has fallen from 57.06 to 54.02. as -->Sachin's average during this period has fallen from 57.06 to 54.02.

October 18, 2008
01:19 AM

yes, the 12000 run milestone hype was silly, we got to win the series

October 19, 2008
01:28 AM

India did well in the CYG, with over aged players.
Mr. Kalmadi did well in the CYG, with extra Govt funds....hahaha...

October 19, 2008
03:00 AM

Maybe you are right .. but this is exactly what the problem is with Indian mentality. That, Government funded or Government run events and athletes in its purview have to be shady, bad , and winning by unfair means. So, are you by any chance suggesting Abhinav Bindra, Vijender and Susheel Kumar who won medals at Olympics got it because of Suresh Kalmadi and his funds to the Olympics ? For God's sake, let us give ourselves a chance !!

October 19, 2008
04:11 AM


1. There are no factual errors in my comment.
2. There is nothing called an Indian mentality. Only racists can claim that there is one
3. Abhinav, Vijender and Susheel won medals inspite of Mr. Kalmadi. Mr Kalmadi must be sacked

October 19, 2008
11:08 AM

I am afraid, just by stating that you dont have factual errors, you aren't and haven't provided any facts in the first place !

BTW, why can't you think the medals at CYG are in spite of Kalmadi ??? Why think of it differently than the olympics ?

October 19, 2008
01:23 PM


What about your racist comment on Indian mentality? Please explain to all of us Indians about this 'Indian' mentality

October 19, 2008
02:02 PM

You seem to be unnecessarily getting worked up, without anything to defend for the statements you have made. I don't know where you derived this racist tone from any of my comments. Beats me !

I only meant, we should all give credit where its due and stop being cynical. For God's sake, I am trying to say let's look at our CYG performance in positive light and highlight it !

My comments seem to be increasing without any relevant response from your end.

October 19, 2008
09:55 PM


Your article reflects ignorance and that bothers me. As a supporter of Indian atheletics, what I see is laziness in this article. India have always done very well in Commonwealth related sports, for the last 20 years. However, this has not translated into medals in major events. The example of 3 olympic medallists for India is a wonderful example of what is wrong with how sports is managed in India. The awful conditions that some sportsmen live in India is shocking. Even a casual google will tell you why Mr. Kalmadi and his cronies were really interested in getting the games to Pune.

Lastly, you are the one who referred to the 'Indian' mentality. As I said again, I and many of us Indians are curious of hearing about this.

October 19, 2008
11:43 PM

You seem to be so obsessed with Kalmadi and his cronies, that you are still not willing to acknowledge the efforts of the Indian team at the CYG. When I am saying I am proud of India doing well at CYG, people like you seem to be blind to this.

I had a hearty laugh after I read "As a supporter of Indian atheletics " .. I see everything except that, in your comments. You seem to be contradicting yourself so badly, I don't understand why you even want to have this debate ! Moreover, you seem more inclined to argue with me, than discuss the issue itself !

October 20, 2008
11:53 AM


As usual, you have half read my article. You did not read my point about India's performance in past commonwealth events and how that has not translated to olympic glory. But when somebody starts an article about athletics with a whine about cricket, what else can one expect?

October 20, 2008
01:00 PM

"India is way ahead in the medals tally in the CYG"
Please look at the quality/quantity of participation before commenting. Jamica won 11 medals in Olymics this year, but only 1 player turns up in CYG. India won shooting gold in CYG: Number of participants = 2. Indians are pathetic in athletics, and the first step towards correcting this behavior is to admit the fact that CYG success was nothing. We won medals not because of great/improved/better skill but because of substandard participation.

Tendulkar: You ppl, will not stop criticizing him even after what he has done to this country. Sachin is 35, you cant expect him to play as he used to when he was 23. Every player slows down around this age, be it Kumble,Dravid,Kapil, Ganguly even Lara slowed down towards the end of his career, same with Jayasuriya.
Regarding centuries, I think you have a short memory. I will list some of his great innings for everyone's benefit. (great innings might not be match winning ones. There are many instances where he has drawn a match or simply saved the honor of team/country, when others failed miserably):
1. His first in Old trafford saved the match for India
2. How could you forget the Scahin storm after the sandstorm, which helped India secure the place in finals and again a hundred in the finals of coca cola cup in Sharjah
3.136 at Chennai against Pakistan(1998): India lost but he scores 136. Oops his fault, when everybody disappointed he should have also followed them in the dressing room without scoring.
4.141 of 135 balls in Pak chasing 330: India lost, but it was his fault again that he tried to win the game.

He has scored almost 80 centuries and many of them are great innings. You say he plays for self yet he has been dismissed 23 times in 90s.
I think you have also forgotten the 1996 world cup. I suppose you must be remember the 2003 world cup and his contribution.

My advice to you is: "start watching cricket, understand the game and then try to write something about it".
As far as athletics goes, india is in pathetic state, not matter how many medals we in CYG. A lot need to be done there and certainly it will not help us if we start considering ourselves ACHIEVERS in athletics based on CYG results

October 20, 2008
01:23 PM

Dearest Sharad,

Note that I have been only mentioning Sachin's performance in Test Matches. I am really not surprised you had 2 out of the 4 instances there from ODIs. Because there really aren't any which are match winning or match saving ones in tests. Also, only in 1998 was he anything but a match winner.

You cannot tell me that after 19 years, someone is still struggling to win a match or save one and you want to tout him as a match winner ?

The fact that you had Sachin scoring 90's .. so many times ,, check the results of most of those matches. India won most of them when Sachin got out in the 90's .. crisis of milestone my friend .. well this was more in ODIs (last year especially)

Whatever you say, there is a wide spectrum of audience in India, who know Sachin is really a milestone man .. so he is still getting the stones .. and he has to live with it unfortunately.

BTW, I never tried saying we are great achievers .. I only said .. we need to highlight any good which comes from such events .. rather than keep praising some 12000 run milestone, which was really nothing. Also,

I do know what I am writing when it comes to cricket. So, I really don't need someone to advise me what to opine on or write about :)

October 20, 2008
11:07 PM


Excellent points! Our friend Socrates has a history of linking performance in other sports with our interest in cricket. In 2006, he made a bold forecast....

" it is tough to see Rajyavardhan Singh's performance getting better, unless India mends it's ways from emotionalism, sentiments and cult hero following"

I am sure SS must have been the only Indian disappointed with our performance at Beijing.

I am also sure he was quite disappointed when all the newspapers put olympic news ahead of cricket (because of his bold forecasts about cricket being put ahead of other sports)


October 21, 2008
02:10 AM

Dear Friend Chandra,

In your attempt at trying to find fault with me, you are forgetting what the content of the article http://desicritics.org/2008/08/20/103050.php even means. I have clearly mentioned that it is great to see the change in media covering sports other than cricket.Please read the text of the article and then make comments which are of any sense !

So, the lesson here for both of you is, read before you comment !

October 21, 2008
11:05 AM

[edited].India most probably sent an overage squad(in contrast the foreigners looked like school kids)considering we have a reputation for such things the latest being the Indian junior hockey team scandal.

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