Sachin Tendulkar and World Records - The Longest Crawl

October 11, 2008

What is this fascination with Sachin and world records? Sachin has been inching closer to the world record number of runs in Test Cricket, which is currently held by Brian Lara (11953). Well, this inching has been going on, and has metamorphosed into crawling, in the past 6 innings. When the undergoing Australia-India Test series began in Bangalore, he was even closer, 77 runs behind (11877 runs before Australia series) the world record.

So, how close is really close? 64 runs? Sachin has crawled closer, by getting dismissed for 13 "valuable" runs, on the 3rd day of the Test Match today. Media hype will never come to an end, and Indian media has always been one for individualistic achievements. So what if India lose the series against Australia. Sachin overhauled the world record during the series. That will be the highlight. How does it matter, if Sachin took 8 innings to crawl his way to the World Record.

Even as Sachin is crawling towards that pinnacle of achievement, it is but a mere formality as to when would Ponting (10222 runs before Australia series) race past Sachin in record number of runs in Test Cricket. Ponting has been phenomenal in the past 4 years especially, raking up a world record 16 centuries as captain alone in this period. So, really what World Record are we talking about here? Test fans, especially in India and the Indian media should be realistic and accept that Sachin will not hold the world record number of Test runs (Ponting is 2 years younger to Sachin) when he retires from Test cricket.

What would be more worrying for Sachin is, his fall from near immortality on the cricket field, to being reduced to being speculated on his own retirement. This does reflect the harsh change in times, when performance speaks, more than just records. Times have indeed changed, and Ganguly was virtually forced to retire during the ongoing Australia test series. Maybe Sachin should be said, that this is his last chance of having a test series to clinch the World Record from Brian Lara. Or, seeing Ponting's exceptional achivements (his first hundred in India coming on the first day of the current Australia test series) in terms of runs galore in Test cricket, would Sachin's retirement be much sooner than ever expected ?

Selectors, are you going to give Sachin a chance to hold the World Record once, or be realistic and drop him if he fails to perform in a series of matches? Do the new set of selectors have the guts to drop Sachin? Well, that's the question which begs to be answered.

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Sachin Tendulkar and World Records - The Longest Crawl


Author: sufferingsocrates


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October 11, 2008
10:45 AM

bottom line to ponder:

with or without this record would sachin be a lesser batsman?


October 11, 2008
10:49 AM

Lesser batsman .. in terms of quantity of runs ? Never

Lesser batsman in terms of outcome of these runs ?
An EMPHATIC yes !!

October 11, 2008
01:33 PM

It is a pain to watch him. should probably retire or eased out

October 12, 2008
12:08 AM

I think he will do well in this series.

October 12, 2008
03:51 AM

So true. Sachin is the most over rated cricketer. He is very scared to fail. Never mind he averages over 40 in Test and ODI in his 'slump' period.

He should be dropped and made to see Ponting's batting videos. So what if true/real cricket lovers think nothing much of the Australian?

Sachin should be humiliated. But expert Indian media is already doing the job.

I suggest public flogging. Where every writer and cricket fan additionally gets to throw tomatoes on his rotting 34 year old, aging body.

Pontings and Dhonis are the real cricketers. The true bearers of the art of cricket, who would never sacrifice the purity of the straight drive for a few extra runs.

October 13, 2008
12:04 AM

Watch out for the Anil Kumble retirement announcement later today!!

October 17, 2008
03:04 PM

Although not meant to be it, my post at desicritics might as well serve as your answer


Practically speaking, give me one name at this point of time who can replace Sachin Tendulkar. Yuvraj? Rohit? Kohli? Badri is one good replacement, but he'll be coming into the squad anyway once Ganguly retires. Who then you see as good enough to see replacement of Sachin, even as good or bad as his current form?

October 17, 2008
03:18 PM

Well, can you give me an innings in test cricket apart from 155 in 1998 and 126 in 2001 where he has won a match for India? India needs a team man, not someone who is hungry for milestones or records ! To that effect, India will start faring much better once Sachin retires ... whoever replaces him !

October 18, 2008
02:36 PM

Look at the kind of team Ponting plays for. He plays for a team that is at no. 1 for an unprecedented number of years. The team is well knit and are way beyond their contemporaries. How many times do you think Ponting would have been in a position to chase 350-400 in the final innigs? How many times do you think he would have been in a position to save a game or bat with the seventh batsman?

Sachin had none of those comforts. Ever. Till the 2000s, he was the lone fighting warrior for India. It is very illogical and pedestrian to compare his efforts in terms of victories for India. He was facing teams that had the most aggressive and talented fast bowlers. Unlike Ponting.

This link should help:


October 18, 2008
03:52 PM

Ok, even consider starting 2000, can you please show me the number of centuries he has struck which have been match winning ones or match saving ones ? Or any that befits the hype that Sachin has been given all these years ? 8 years should be enough for any player, however good he is, to prove he is a match winner or not. Unfortunately, Sachin has been scratching around for some records which he knew coming into the 21st century, would eventually be his (Ponting would certainly lay claim when he hangs his boots). When on 194 he was whining that Dravid declared the innings in that famous match against Pakistan. That, my friend epitomises what Sachin plays for. Very much unlike the Dhonis or the Pontings of the current world.

Ali Sheikh from Pakistan
November 4, 2008
02:26 PM

sufferingsocrates, you don't know cricket.
Any wit or retort would be a waste of your and my time.

November 5, 2008
02:13 AM

Dear Ali Sheikh,

I don't need anyone to certify if I know cricket or I don't. If you have some argument to put forth, bring it up.. don't give veiled statements.

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