India Wins Wrestling Bronze in Beijing Olympics

August 20, 2008

Olympics Cricket How often does one get to see such a sports headline (courtesy CNN IBN) in India, without any cricket news? Look on the side for the cricket match which is going on at the same time. Well, for once, the whole of India is looking up and noticing and more importantly following the other sports India is faring well in, and that too at the International level. First hailing Abhinav Bindra and now, wrestler Sushil Kumar who won bronze in the 66kg category a short while back.

The newspapers, too, have cricket in the last page, even though India is fighting out in Sri Lanka. The Olympics has taken centre stage (as it well should) over cricket and this is the opportune moment for SAI and other Indian sporting organizations to join hands and build the momentum for a gold winning India. India is supremely talented in the craftsman like sports and the agile ones. This is where the focus should be on. To build on the laurels, to reward accomplishments of these sportsmen and encourage the common Indian, that Sports is a well rewarding profession.

As for cricket, one need not say much, since any cricketer joining IPL makes enough money for many years. Besides, one other reason why India's Sri Lanka tour is not being followed or given as much importance could be due to the lack of excitement in the 50 over format. So, even a debacle in the first ODI did not get much of a chiding from various quarters, while expectations were running sky high for Akhil Kumar.

Could this be the turning point in India's sporting chapter? Will there be encouragement to take up sports such as Shuttle Badminton, Table Tennis, Wrestling, Boxing, Shooting, Archery where India is emerging as a real force to reckon with ? Undoubtedly, with 2 medals in this year's Olympics, India has things going well, and should make sure that the Commonwealth Games in 2010 is given prominence in terms of media coverage and importance than the 2011 Cricket World Cup. The moment is RIGHT NOW ! Can India grab it? We shall see the results in the Commonwealth Games!

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India Wins Wrestling Bronze in Beijing Olympics


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August 21, 2008
12:09 AM

Indians have always followed multiple sports. During the last olympics many stayed awake late to watch Anju Bobby. During 2000, people were thrilled with Malleswari and who can forget the close semis between Paes and Agassi in 1996. I dont know how old you are but the 80s were about Usha, Abraham and co. If you have quality athletes, the media will cover you and people will follow you, we are no different from other nations.

I think all of us are mature enough to talk about various events without berating Cricket.

August 22, 2008
08:30 PM

and now a bronze in boxing.

August 24, 2008
01:05 AM

chandra: i think the ppoint being made is the coverage cricket gets daily as compared to the other sports mentioned. But I htink things are improving. The last time I checked the TOI or Indian Express, there was much news about local sports. Let's just hope things don't hit rock bottom like hockey ever again!

August 24, 2008
01:55 AM

Indians pride themselves as a peace-loving country, but the only olympic medals India has won are for shooting and fighting and punching. If there was any medal for ak-47 shooting or bomb blasting, India would have won them too.

I think it is all fault of Olympic format which has decked so many sports that are not really sports - consider that USA has won over 25% of its total medal in swimming alone. I think India should press for inclusion of cricket with the different formats, say - 10 over cricket, 20 over cricket, 30 over cricket, 50 over cricket, cricket with red ball, cricket with white ball, cricket played with left arm, cricket played with right arm, cricket with 5 players team, cricket with 11 players team, cricket played in Baseball format etc - that would improve India's chances of winning quite a few medals in some of those categories before other olympic nations can catch up with cricket as a sport. In mean time, India's best hope for more medal rests with AK-47 shooting and grenade throwing. Pakistan can offer us a cut throat competition, but we have battle-tested Kashmiris on our side.

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