Star-light and Angel Song

December 04, 2007

Ok, I’ll confess; I’m a Christian. There, now it's out. :-)

I want to find some common ground to write about Christmas with all you guys; something which will spread peace and goodwill, and not the other way around.

Christmas, for me, is beautiful. I know for many of you Diwali must be like that. Indian Christians celebrate it very simply, usually with family and friends; we don’t exchange gifts but do give gifts to kids and those we are responsible for. We don’t all have trees, but most would have a lighted star outside the house. I have only happy childhood memories of Christmas. Perhaps the love and good vibes among people got knitted into the memories like a splash of vivid colours in a sweater.

Perhaps it’s the food - cake and curry - which arouse emotional memories and make Christmas evoke pleasure! Perhaps it's remembered sounds: the singing, the laughter. Oh, I don't know! Our brains are so amazing and peculiar; God only knows the actual explanation. All I know is, Christmas for me, and many, is a happy time of being with people and sharing.

The other side which is also important, though I am interested in knowing how you relate to this - Christmas, for me, is surreal. Magical. Mysterious and wonderful. Again, not quite sure why. Is it the singing, which we surround our homes and churches with, which transports one into a dream world, and makes us see life as it could be – a world where God loves us, and comes to relate to us, and we all respond to Him and to each other in love. ? A world of peace and good will. A perfect, beautiful world. A world of star-light and angel song. Is it the amazing, almost weird idea of God-with-us, the Creator coming as a helpless baby? Is it because we go out at night in the season, whether for midnight service, or carol rounds, and so on, and the night air, the cold, the fog, and the dim lights are conducive to such thoughts? Or could it be that in the silence of the midnight hour, we hear angel song that the day usually drowns out?

Whatever. In a world of violence and war, Christmas re-kindles hope in me. So I’ll start off the season by wishing you all peace and goodwill, and may you all hear the angels sing.

I love reading, writing, watching humans and birds ....
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Deepti Lamba
December 5, 2007
01:33 AM

Hey annamma, merry x'mas to you too. Having studied in a convent school Christmas was always a most looked forward celebration for the year. In fact December was the month of festivities.

After school I missed Christmas a lot. But in the US it was like school again; snow, six feet tall christmas trees, carols and the feeling of love in the air. Lots of fun while it lasted:)

December 5, 2007
08:14 AM

Merry Christmas, annamma! Have a good one.

December 5, 2007
08:55 AM

Well, thanks. Looks like this Christmas write-up is not controversial, eh? :-)

A. S. Mathew
December 5, 2007
06:29 PM

Annamma: One season I loved the most was the
Christmas season because it was cool, two weeks of freedom from school, and a great time of
festivity in which believers of all religions
were participated. After the Christmas, I felt

December 6, 2007
10:55 AM

Yes,thanks, but I'm still wondering whether others share the 'surreal' experience either in christmas or in some other festival.

December 6, 2007
10:56 AM

Yes,thanks, but I'm still wondering whether others share the 'surreal' experience either in christmas or in some other festival.

March 12, 2009
02:30 PM

Sehr gute Seite. Ich habe es zu den Favoriten.

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