January 26, 2006
Aaman Lamba

There are more armchair-sports fans than for any other field of human endeavor. Sports junkies love to debate endlessly on Hall of Fame members, which team is better, why cricket gets all the press, and so on.

If you care for sports, or hate the very idea of physical exercise, express yourself in this open comments space

Comment about anything sports-related here, especially with a South Asian focus. The usual comment policy applies - avoid personal attacks, even if it's in defense of your sports icon, and as long as your comments have something — anything — to do with sports, they're welcome. Talk about teams, news, scores, liveblogging events - you name it!

Aaman Lamba is the Publisher of Desicritics.org, a Blogcritics network site. He also blogs, more infrequently nowadays, at Audit Trails Of Self
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F e r r a r i
February 3, 2006
05:51 AM

It would be nice to cover other sports, apart from cricket as well :-)
Preferrable formula1 and football :-D

February 3, 2006
08:16 AM

Well said - bonus points for WWE

y v sai madhav
March 4, 2006
03:15 PM

care to look for the blog on sports?

June 9, 2006
09:11 AM

Togo's official World Cup supporters have been denied visas to Germany because they do not have bank accounts.

June 9, 2006
10:45 AM

Ain't that awesome?

Emo Indians would rather have chaos (out of not being able to prosecute and sue) than deny a poor guy his visa.

Anybody got a violin here?

cyrus Poncha
October 2, 2006
12:46 AM

Could I join?? Let me know how

October 2, 2006
01:14 AM

Hi Cyrus, please read this and send Aaman Lamba, the publisher, an e-mail. Thanks!

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